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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Review: When A Rose Blooms

When A Rose Blooms
by Tarah Scott

On the fifth year anniversary of Margaret Moncreiffe's death, her husband Nathaniel kneels at her grave, asking the questions he fears were answered the night she died of a mysterious fever. As the evening progresses, however, a flesh and blood woman enters the battlefield he has created around his heart, forcing him to choose between life among the living, or life with nothing but memories of the dead.

Rosette (19 pages) sensual

Nathaniel Moncreiffe still mourns his wife, Maggie, despite the fact five years have passed since her death. Nathaniel also knows the real reason for his wife's death. It was more to it than just fever which caused her death: she was poisoned.

Many times, his good friend, James tries to comfort Nathaniel by bringing him women for enjoyment, but Nathaniel only thinks of Maggie. Until Rose. Rose Kenzi is a friend of Alisa, Nathaniel's cousin. He is attracted to Rose, but refuses to admit it because he feels he is betraying his dead wife.

Tarah Scott has penned a good story, but I wasn't able to connect to Nathaniel emotionally as much as I would have liked. I would love to be able feel Nathaniel’s pain and Rose’s great joy, but something is missing. Despite this, it is still a good story with a surprise ending.

Thanks to our guest reviewer: Alice Teh