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Friday, July 13, 2007

Review: Wedding Bell Blues

By guest reviewer Shauna Sturge

Wedding Bell Blues
by Linda Windsor

Josh Turner is one distraction that Alex doesn't need. After jilting her, he waltzes back into town to be best man in her sister's wedding. All Alex wants is to concentrate on planning her sister's nuptials, but she and Josh keep running into each other. Will she forgive him and give him another chance?
This first story of the Piper Cove Chronicles introduces you to a cast of unique and quirky characters. The Bosom Buddies are a group of four women who have pledged their love, support and devotion to each other…and to always speak the truth. These four women are as varied in personality as any four women could be, but they stick when the going gets tough.

I absolutely loved this book. Set in the fictional coastal tourist town, Piper Cove, these characters will grab your heartstrings and tug for all they’re worth. You will laugh, love and cry as you learn about the power of forgiveness and true love.

This first book follows Alex through the ups and downs of planning her sister’s wedding, handling a demanding manipulating father and decorating her sister’s future summer home. On top of that she has to deal with the emotions of unforgotten love as her ex-husband returns to their hometown…as the Best Man.

Wow! What else can I say? This story hooked me from the first sentence, reeled me in and held me by the heart until long after the final words were read. This is a powerful story with characters who will literally come to life and leap off the pages into your heart and mind. They will become friends. You will share their joys and heartaches and follow them on their journey of faith. This is another treasure by talented author, Linda Windsor.