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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Review: Second Chance Rose

By guest reviewer: Michele Oberlander

Second Chance Rose
by Terry Odell
Part of the Rose Petals, Volume III anthology of steamy stories

Rose has had her chance at her one true love. Widowed, her home destroyed by a hurricane, she relocates across the country and discovers the special garden of the bedtime stories her mother told her as a child. When she meets Richard there, friendship blooms. But can there be second chances for true love?

Available in print or eBook format
What a delight this story turned out to be!

Terry took the theme of "love's second chance" and gave it a twist at the end that was pure magic.

Right away we meet Rose as she's experiencing a major upheaval in her life. On top of that, she's finally recovering from the loss of her husband, Doug.

The reader gets a feel for Rose's sensitive and caring nature and at the same time, we are treated to a character with hidden strengths; dignified and determined. She's drawing upon those strengths as she gets ready to take on a new direction in her life.

What I liked is the basis of those strengths; the love she received from her family as she was growing up. The flashbacks that show Rose's relationship with her mother were especially endearing and gave you a hint as to why Rose is the woman she is.

The introduction of the hero, the man who sweeps Rose off her feet, is the most subtle and natural I've seen. By the time Richard "officially" introduces himself, I just wanted to pinch his cheeks - he's so adorable. I'd probably have to stretch on my toes a bit to reach him though.

The see-saw of their budding relationship and the steps of falling in love were akin to the garden paths they walked; winding and weaving towards a glorious display of astonishing yet gentle beauty.

This story is rich in emotion, in romance and ultimately shows us that love's passion isn't always fireworks and crashing surf, but can be a deep and rushing river that ends up carving a beautiful landscape right before our eyes. And what we end up with can be just as we'd hoped and more than we imagined.

And the best part? When Richard and Rose finally get together. Oh, you want to know if there are fireworks? I heard a few explosions going off but I can assure you that Richard and Rose were a little too busy to notice. *wink*

Second Chance Rose: a first rate romance about love's second chances. Enjoy!