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Friday, July 6, 2007

No Greater Loss by Diane Craver

No Greater Loss by Diane Craver
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Lily

Can a new love heal a wounded heart?

Dr. Jennifer Hunter is so stunned by her past she’s unable to move on with her life. After losing her young husband and baby son fifteen years ago she determined never to marry again. Losing loved ones is too painful.

A friend introduces Jennifer to Luke Brunsman and suggests she hire him to renovate her antique farmhouse. Instantly attracted to Luke, she refuses the widowed contractor’s help. But after she gets injured working on a fireplace, she gives in.

Luke clearly wants more than a business relationship, but Jennifer guards her heart. His kisses make her yearn for a future once denied her. Luke falls in love with her but finds tearing down the walls in Jennifer’s house is easier than breaking through her protective shell.

When Dr. Hunter’s radio talk show catches the attention of a vengeful arsonist, Luke and Jennifer must overcome the shadows of the past and find the courage to love again.

This is a contemporary inspirational story about a woman faced with the loss of her husband and child. It takes place in a small town and contains some of the unique, quirky characters that are part of small town life.

No Greater Loss takes place fifteen years after Dr. Jennifer Hunter lost both her husband and sick child. She is a psychologist with a successful practice and a weekly talk radio show where she helps others deal with the issues in their lives. But despite the help she is able to give others, Jen is unable to help herself, to free herself from the guilt she carries.

Luke Brunsman is a building contractor who is determined to help Jennifer with her renovations. After his disappointing marriage and the death of his wife, Luke is looking for some companionship and a good friend. He is determined to show Jennifer that life, and God, can offer more than she could dream.

This was a wonderful story. The characters were real, showing both strengths and flaws. The attraction between them is undeniable and their struggle to hold to their values was admirable. I enjoyed the interaction between these characters and found myself charmed by the determined Luke.

The author addressed some very tough issues in this book, including the loss of a child, eating disorders and post-abortion syndrome. Diane Craver discusses these topics with detailed professionalism. In a beautiful and sensitive way, she crafts advice, help and caring for the wounded souls. A job well done!