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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Review: The King's Druidess

By guest reviewer Nancy A.Lindley-Gauthier

The King's Druidess
by Sky Purington

Chiomara Ruadh, Druidess of Ulster, will not be swayed from prophecy. If the Gods of Ireland request that she couple with the king, so be it. If it is also their wish that he marry another woman, who is Chiomara, a simple Druid, to stand in their way?

Erc Breac, king of Dal’Raida, can only think of Chiomara. Her beauty is surreal and the tales that follow her across the land unsurpassed. But that is not enough when faced with the obligations of a king. His people must come first. His future wife and queen, Macha, must come first. Yet, fate is a slippery thing. Will Erc risk the whole of his kingdom for what lays in his heart?

26 Pages
Sky Purington's The King's Druidess marries a possible past as it were, to fantasy. This evocative tale immediately draws the reader in. It is not merely a window to another world, but a world one can easily believe in, a world one searches the histories for. From the circle of stones to the power of that which is foretold, this is wild and beautiful and beguiling. Purington exhibits a richness of language and an imaginative vision. This story is suggestive, and haunting. It is carried by the power of desire, the power of passion, and the power of desperation. There is a richness here that is hard to convey.

From the mists of this other world rise both prophesy and loss, both love and the threat of tragedy. Certainly, the druids bring a sense of a particular history, but other legends are called in as well, for those that have read widely of times of old and legends half-forgotten will recognize names like Taliesin. So many references are hidden inside other meanings in this tale, richness develops further upon re-reading.

Sky Purington's newest short story, The King's Druidess will delight not only the faerie fans but those who love all the tales of old.