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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Review: A Hint of Summer, A Duet of Two Stories

By guest reviewer Shauna Sturge

A Hint of Summer
by M.G. Braden and Cindy Green

Inheritance by MG Braden

When Chase Taylor's grandmother passes away she inherits the exclusive home their family calls 'the beach house.' Only there's a catch. She has to live in it for six months with Reece Weston, a man she'd never met until the reading of the will.

Is he a scam artist? Or will love turn out to be the best inheritance of all?

Summer's Return by Cindy K. Green

After a seven year absence, Parker Radcliffe returns to the alluring Outer Banks to sell his family’s beach house only to discover his realtor is spirited Arianna Morgan, the girl he could never have. While Arianna is determined to remind him of the life he left behind, Parker must decide whether he will follow his heart or family expectations.

89 pages - Sensual
Inheritance – MG Braden

This contemporary novel explores the lives of two people thrust together by an old lady’s will. Forced to share the inheritance of a beachfront home, Chase and Reese are pushed together by the stipulations of the will. They must live together in the house for six months in order to receive their joint inheritance.

This story was sweet, unique and fun. The pages sizzled with the chemistry of the characters, pulling the reader along for the ride. The disruptions of family and friends gave this couple some interesting obstacles to overcome on their path to love.

I enjoyed this story and thought MG Braden did another fantastic job of creating characters that were real, honest and exciting. This story will trap you within its grasp and have you laughing and loving with the characters. And, at times, reaching for something to cool down!

Summer’s Return – Cindy K. Green

This contemporary story gives the reader a look into simple, island life. It holds a carefree spirit throughout the story that is refreshing and invigorating.

Arianna Morgan has been waiting for Parker Radcliffe to return to the island. She longs to recapture the carefree fun of their childhood friendship and make him see that she is ready for love. Parker is wary of returning to the island. He’s under pressure with business and unexpected memories and rekindled feelings are only going to get in the way.

I loved this story. The characters came to life and their desires, hurt and pain were clearly felt through each page. Arianna’s carefree, flirty personality was infectious and had me laughing, cheering and hoping for a happily-ever-after. Parker was absolutely adorable. He was a mix of shy quiet boy and powerful male presence. His vulnerability was clearly shown and made me want to see him healed and willing to take a risk.

Cindy K. Green does not disappoint! With beautiful imagery and craftsmanship, she will have you hearing the waves, seeing the sunsets and falling in love!