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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Review: Hard Day On The Farm

By guest reviewer: Michelle Oberlander

Hard Day On the Farm
by Christine Columbus

When Molly Moved to the country, her new neighbor, George, made learning to drive the tractor a memorable experience. And that was just one aspect of farm life Molly found enjoyable.

This is one story included in the Rose Petals II anthology. Available in print and eBook formats.
Who knew tractors could be so sexy? Well, maybe not the tractors themselves, but like Ferrari's or Mustangs, they sure can offer an intro into a unique romantic interlude. Think I'm kidding? I kid you not.

A Hard Day On The Farm takes us to the little farming community of Edgewater where we get to meet Molly and George. Molly has high hopes for George but George isn't cooperating and she is getting antsy. Thoughts of George are coloring most aspects of her imagination which the author shares with us so we understand what drives Molly to plotting and scheming to get her way. I get the sense that Molly doesn't sit on the sidelines of life but grabs opportunities with gusto and in this story, that opportunity is named George.

George seems to be a sneaky guy. I think he knows that he is driving Molly nuts. He's written very understated so when he makes his move, it's a major "Wow" moment. You must have heard the saying, "Watch out for those quiet ones", yes? And hands are quiet, right? Well, George talks really well with his hands, and his lips and he knows how to work his tractor. *grin* However, when George does talk, he's pure romance and heat. Quite the man.

After reading this story, I went back and contemplated the title. A huge grin snuck onto my face with the realization that you could interpret those words with saucy intent. A Hard Day On The Farm, although short, is a fun and sexy romp that puts a delightful spin on vegetables, pickles and yes, even love.