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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Review: The Bloodmoon Curse

By guest reviewer Brandy Jones

The Bloodmoon Curse
by Karen Wiesner

Amberlyn Lyons has recently suffered a devastating miscarriage that has torn her marriage apart and shaken her faith. She quietly takes a nanny position at an isolated mansion without electricity, telephone, or ease of passage. The moment she walks into Bloodmoon Manor, Amberlyn deduces that all things aren’t as they seem. The eerily similar owners distrust doctors who, in thirty years, have been unable to cure their severely deformed daughter Katerina. Katerina both idolizes and despises Amberlyn for her beauty. Childishly cruel, Katerina enjoys tormenting the orphans by telling them tales of the malicious ghost that haunts the decaying mansion.

Amberlyn discounts the paranormal legends as made-up stories until she hears the shuffling of footsteps in the cold, dark halls and feels that she’s being watched at every turn. She knows the ghost is real and she must protect the children. But when she discovers a graveyard behind the mansion filled with babies who died at birth or shortly thereafter, she realizes the ghost of Bloodmoon Manor is really a family curse and she was brought there to uphold the family legacy of that curse. Either she finds a way to escape with the children…or she becomes the next Bloodmoon bride.

Available in print and eBook formats.

Amberlyn Lyons is suffering and seeking escape after the miscarriage that has torn her heart, and marriage, in two. She is sure her husband blames her for the miscarriage. Rather than face the possible end of her marriage, she leaves home and agrees to be the nanny to three orphaned children. At Bloodmoon Manor she finds three scared and malnourished children. Amberlyn knows that she was called to these suffering children by God. She has faith that she was led to them to help ease their pain over the death of their parents. Little does she know that her husband, Cain, is searching for her to seek forgiveness and to bring his wife home so that their marriage can heal. But Cain will have to fight unseen forces because his wife has been chosen for a terrible legacy, as the new Bloodmoon Bride.

Ghosties and ghoulies abound in this book of the paranormal bent. Combining the seemingly difficult genres of gothic romance, inspirational views, and a paranormal twist provide the reader with a different type of book. One that shows that faith in God is always rewarded and that the power of the heart heals all wounds.