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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Review: Montana Hideaway

Montana Hideaway
by Jessica Joubert

Jonathon Tall Bull and Hayley Jansson come from two different worlds, but they have more than one thing in common. Besides teaching together at the St. Labre Mission School, they are intensely attracted to each other. When she hits a deer and slides off the road in a spring snowstorm, he carries her home to his cabin. And while Jonathon has spent his life following the true path towards happiness, Hayley has spent hers skirting the issues that lie deep within her soul. She’d driven all night just to get to him, but could she bring herself to tell him why?
A "White Rose" from The Wild Rose Press, and therefore considered inspirational, this was a nice short, sweet story by Jessica Joubert that doesn't get preachy. I enjoyed the sentiment behind both characters, who are stuck together in a cabin during a Montana snowstorm. They clearly loved each other and cared deeply for the students they taught. Though there isn't a tangible conflict between them, you still read on to see how they will come together.

My only real complaint about the story is in regards to unexpected POV shifts. It frustrated me to be deep in one characters head and then be tossed out into another. Ms. Joubert does a good job getting the reader deep into her heroine's head, and I was terribly involved with Hayley -- her feelings and thoughts -- and truly disappointed when we were shoved out of her head, then back and out again.

Still, Montana Hideaway is certainly worth your $1.50 if you're looking for a sweet love story.