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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Review: Drama Queen

Big thanks to our guest reviewer - Nancy Lindley-Gauthier

Drama Queen
by Christine Columbus

Did Mark bestow more than his mother’s dog? Will Michelle’s unexpected pet bring more than drama into her life?
Christine Columbus' rosette, "Drama Queen," starts with a charming surprise. But the first surprise is by no means the best, and intriguing elements become clear as you read along.

All grocery store managers are not "Short, pudgy balding" men, and co-workers don't always have a clue who you really are. The author offers clear visuals, and the reader feels as though they were participating in each scene. Through the main character's imagination, we uncover the real person, the person who'd like to skip out of work early and go line dancing. Never has a grocery store aisle seemed so full of possibilities, or been so appealing.

This is a wonderful tale of romance, true, but also, of simple love. The two main characters reveal love in so many ways; love for a parent, a friend, a pet. All this love is an undercurrent to this warm and genuine story. This story builds in warmth and wonder all they way through, but it is by no means merely contemplative. Throughout, the western motif brings our mind's eye to line dances, tight jeans, and black leather boots.

You'll find yourself two-stepping along with this lively read. Don't hesitate to discover the drama queen in this delightful romance, by Christine Columbus.