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Friday, June 22, 2007

Review: Coffee and Love To Go

Coffee and Love To Go
by Christine Columbus

Dan is surprised to find out he is the topic of conversation on a women’s talk show about meaningful glances. For the last two weeks when he stops for his cup of coffee, he has noticed a beautiful woman with red hair and now she’s on the air asking the listeners if she should make the first move and talk to him.

(12 pages) - sweet

Why Not To Buy a Coffee Maker!
Thanks to our guest reviewer: Nancy A.Lindley-Gauthier

Christine Columbus is brewing another hit in her short romance, "Coffee and Love To Go". This tale starts off lightly enough, but with an interesting twist: While most folks suffer their attractions in private, or share them with a trusted friend, this dreamed-of romance is under the eye of a good many watchers, would-be match-makers, and nosy parkers. The many witnesses (who feel free to comment!) only add to the stress of the main couple.

From the first, the reader will become invested in the story, hoping like mad the main characters will get a handle on their nerves, and that the other person is as they have perceived them. In no time, Columbus has us ready to scream with suspense! The tension continues building throughout the story. Her dialogue rings true, as does the discomfort the main couple experiences while trying to get together under so many watchful eyes.

Many details in this story are delightful. We gain a wonderful visual portrait of the characters, although their description in no way slows the action. The gentleman's "long sleeved dark brown shirt and cream colored tie," fit fabulously with his acquired name of "Mr. Coffee." The lady's comparison to her drink of choice is smooth, and quite good fun. The idea of using descriptions in a parallel to coffee is carried off beautifully, fun but in a non-intrusive way.

This is a very contemporary tale of attraction, embarrassment, involvement, hope, disappointment and joy. That so many emotions can fit in this one small but fast-moving package is amazing!