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Thursday, September 20, 2007

How To Submit A Review

To submit a request for review to LASR we ask only a few things:

1. Please email the PDF file of the story and a jpg file of the cover (if available) to If you are submitting a print book, please email us for our mailing address.

2. Please include the TITLE of your story/novel in the subject line, and the words "review request" so it isn't deleted as spam.

3. Please include the length (short/novella/full), the genre (historical, paranormal, contemporary, inspirational, etc), a short blurb, and the heat level (sweet, sensual, spicy or hot - click on previous link for what each description means), and the "buy" link (where someone can go to purchase it) in the body of your email.

**NOTE**: Please read over our heat level descriptions carefully -- submitting your story with the wrong "heat level" may delay your review or affect the rating adversely.

4. Please be patient. I will respond to your request to let you know we've received it. I will also email you to let you know when the review goes up on the site.

5. Please remember: we prefer to read and review only titles that have romantic elements -- either romance, women's fiction or most young adult titles. If Harlequin or The Wild Rose Press would publish it, we'll read it. All other titles are subject to possible refusal on a case by case basis.

Additionally, we do not review erotica or gay/lesbian romance at this time.

6. If we can't find a reviewer willing to review a particular title, we will hold on to it until we can. I will certainly try to communicate this to the author, but can't make any promises -- things are getting very busy!

7. We are determined to be a site that only issues honest, but positive reviews. Therefore, if we have more than two reviewers who cannot find positive remarks to say about a story, it will be declined. Please understand, this is not necessarily a reflection upon you, the author, or your story -- opinions vary greatly. It just means that the reviewers who volunteer their time here at LASR didn't care for it. We will notify you via email if this particular circumstance occurs. We appreciate your understanding!


* We cannot guarantee all books received will be reviewed.
* We reserve the right not to review books at our discretion.
* All books submitted need to be associated with a publishing company and should be fully edited.

Thank you.