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Thursday, November 29, 2012

White Trash Beautiful by Nichole Severn

White Trash Beautiful by Nichole Severn
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (85 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Trey Aston is hiding from the mob.

Desperate to save her life, she sells her body in order to make the monthly payments her father owes the mob, but when Trey discovers he hasn’t been making the payments, she’s forced to turn to the one man she hoped never to see again for help.

Deputy Luke Johnson refuses to acknowledge his high school sweetheart is a prostitute and is determined to make Trey see it for herself. Until she starts treating him as a client. His ability to know right from wrong is challenged and he isn’t the only one who’s noticed. The force doesn’t have his back where Trey is concerned, leaving him to fight against them for a criminal.

The Camino Family is out to make her pay, but what really has Trey on edge is the fact she has fallen for the deputy who wants her behind bars.

Trey returns to Parkvista, not to take up her relationship with the man who loves her but to sell her body for profit. Luke is confused. The woman he loved would never have become a whore, but then that woman would not have left town immediately after he proposed.

With reasons linked to her drunken father and his debts, Trey tries hard to prevent Luke finding out why she lives as she does. As a police officer, he can't protect her completely. Whenever he can he gives her food and once he even takes her to the home they shared and allows her to use the shower. Trey keeps her address in the bowels of a junk yard secret from the man she loves. Ashamed of the profession she has taken up, but seeing no other way of surviving, she knows her time with Luke must remain in the past, but it's so hard when she sees him almost daily.

Despite the obvious love between the main characters, I found the book confusing and a little disjointed. I realize the author did not wish to reveal everything at the beginning, but I fear she hid the reasons behind Trey's actions too well for me to grasp the full impact of the story. From the middle onwards the path became smoother and I understood why the unexplained actions happened at the beginning of the book. My comments are no reflection on the subject of the story, I thought this a quite novel way of approaching a romance. The attraction between the two was intense, despite the fact this is only a sensual level romance, the author brought the tension into the story well.

If the book had as much smoothness and depth at the beginning as it did at the end, it would be an excellent read.