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Monday, November 12, 2012

Defying the Prince by Sarah Morgan

Defying the Prince by Sarah Morgan
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (184 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

It was a night filled with scandal, but pop princess Izzy Jackson really took the crown! Royal and VIP guests were reportedly horrified at the singer and reality-TV star's impromptu performance at her sister's royal engagement party.It was left to Prince Matteo, second in line to the throne, to whisk tipsy starlet Izzy offstage, into his limo and straight to his luxury palazzo…from which the pair haven't emerged.…

Rumor has it the proud prince and the footballer's daughter are working on a charity concert. Will they make sweet music together or split, citing irreconcilable artistic differences?

What happens when a person has labeled, categorized, pigeon-holed and dismissed another person without getting to know them? What kind of sparks can fly when they’re faced with the reality that what they thought they knew of the other person was all wrong? That pretty much sums up the conflict of this story but doesn’t even begin to touch the emotions that make this tale so amazing. Nor does it hint at the depth of feeling these characters are capable of expressing to a reader. Ms. Morgan has another winner.

When Izzy took center stage it was quite flamboyant. When Matteo dragged her off and away, it was akin to a caveman. Both had their reasons for doing what they did and their rationalizations were solid – until a reader gets the other side of the story. It’s that delving into what makes a relationship work between a man and woman who seem to be at complete odds with each other which makes Ms. Morgan’s books so fun and easy to read.

Matteo is a protector. He knows his responsibilities to his country and his family and will do anything he believes has to be done in order to keep them safe and away from scandal. A reader may think his solution was a bit farfetched but in reality, his actions are a symptom. His brain, logic and coolness under pressure is being undermined by the effect Izzy has on his libido. I had great fun watching him delude himself. However, what the author revealed about the hero, what he really spends his time doing, what happened to him in his past and why he didn’t trust women, were some of the more impressive revelations in the book.

On the other hand, Izzy was a sweet surprise. I liked her. I also was bowled over with how the author used a piano as a means to showcase how wonderful the heroine truly was, and how wrong the hero ended up being. Izzy is smart, earnest and talented in her own way. She’s the family underdog that no one ever took the time to get to know. She didn’t let it stop her thanks to her stubborn streak. Izzy also has a fun sense of life and I adored the part with the fountain and what it signifies later on. My heart went out to the heroine when she revealed what her childhood years were like. She’s a well written heroine.

In Defying the Prince, the emotional conflict and ultimate resolution drove the plot, the dialogue was enlightening and the seduction scenes were delightfully steamy. The author never let the story get maudlin during the big emotional reveals and used the right amount of humor, outrage and lust to keep the hero and heroine interesting.

Defying the Prince offers a lot of heart, heat and humor for romance readers who enjoy stories that make the main characters work for their happily ever afters. Ms. Morgan has another winner and I enjoyed getting to know Izzy and Matteo. Pick up your own copy for your own great experience with a prince.