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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Playboy's Baby by JM Stewart

The Playboy's Baby by JM Stewart
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: contemporary
Length: Full Length (237 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

They can’t forget the past, but is it enough to create a future?

When an accident leaves her guardian to her six-month-old niece, Emma Stanton must return to her small hometown of Hastings, Montana to find the one man she’s spent the last eight years trying to forget. She and Dillon had grown up together--he was her sister’s best friend. But that hadn’t stopped him from sharing a kiss with Emma that had followed her through the years. Now, not only must she break the news of her sister’s tragic death to Dillon, but she must risk the only family she has left and tell him he’s the baby’s father.

Wealthy nightclub owner Dillon James has been used for his name and money one too many times, so when he comes face-to-face with Emma Stanton and her gorgeous lips, he’s determined to keep things light. All he wants is to be the father his daughter needs, to make up for not being there for her and her mother. But spending time with Emma, as she shows him the ropes of caring for his daughter, is wearing down his defenses. Perhaps it’s time he took a chance on love. If only he can convince Emma to take a chance on him…

Coffee and cream. Popcorn and butter. Summer and swimming pools. Smiles and laughter. Now, you're probably wondering why I've stated the words above? Well, I'll tell you. Those are things that go well together. I've got another for you. Ready? A playboy and fatherhood.  Surprised?

You wouldn't think a man that's considered a playboy, jumping around from woman to woman, never having a serious relationship, would be a good father, would you? The hero in The Playboy's Baby, Dillon, learns a few shocking secrets that will be changing his life. He's suddenly face to face with a woman from his past- Emma. Someone he'd never thought he'd see back in their hometown, but yet, there she was. The way Dillon handles this surprise completely amazed me. He took it well, doing everything he possibly can to make things right. He's got a lot of things to learn, though, as having a baby around isn't going to be easy. Most of the town thins he's a spoiled rich boy, but as readers go further into the story, we are allowed a peel back to Dillon's inner feelings, and he's not all that bad. In fact, he's pretty respectable and admirable.

Emma has had plenty of losses in her life. The only thing close to a family she has is her niece, so going to find Dillon wasn't the easiest thing for her, but she puts her niece first to make sure she has a father in her life. Dealing with the recent loss of her sister, the only other person that can understand the depth of that loss is Dillon. Two very different people that hold back are about to learn what it is to find true love, despite the ghosts from the past.

This story had all the right things for me.  It was emotional, heartwarming, engaging, and well done. I read it in just a few hours! The author's voice is fresh and enjoyable, and I found myself emotionally attached to Emma and Dillon, rooting for them the whole way. I wanted their happily ever after to be wonderful, and it most definitely was. There are plenty of hurdles and conflict along the way, but that only makes the great ending more desirable.

If you're a fan of contemporary romances that offer a new chance at love for two people that have had their share of heartache, The Playboy's Baby awaits. Why not grab yourself a copy right away?