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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Nurse He Shouldn't Notice by Susan Carlisle

The Nurse He Shouldn't Notice by Susan Carlisle

Publisher: Mills and Boon
Genre: Contemporary
Length: full length (190 pages
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

With his heart on the line will it be fight…or flight?

Dr. Court Armstrong is running from the past, a flight that takes him straight to the doorstep of a Ghanaian hospital and Nurse Maggie Everett. Working with firebrand Maggie is a challenge Court relishes every second of, but he's in her world now—and he'll have to keep his distance if he wants his heart to survive intact….

The oppressive heat, the urgency, then the tingle and heart jump as a “fine-looking specimen” of an American man steps off the plane in Ghana, West Africa reels the reader into a compelling story of a place far from the comforts of America, but a place that owns Maggie’s heart. She’s needed and appreciated there.

Dr. Court Armstrong is CEO of Armstrong Foundation in Boston, the group that turned down Maggie’s request for aid for the hospital here in Ghana. Court arrives with some special equipment for the hospital. He is hardly there long enough to catch his breath of the heated air of Ghana before “Missy Maggie” has him operating to save a life. Her bossy, no-nonsense approach to tending the sick gets his attention. He has stopped practicing because of some devastating past events that he blames himself for. Even though his bedside manner is terrible, Maggie needs his help and she hopes to show him how much the aid they asked for is needed.

Maggie, a perspiration-soaked, no make-up, workaholic, fascinates Court. Her love for the Mamprusi people and especially for little Neetie amazes him. She is a little dynamo with many facets to her personality that she keeps well hidden.

The secondary characters, other than Neetie, are pretty much in the background and are used mostly to propel the story along as Court and Maggie overcome past traumas, work together to tend the sick while struggling to find where their priorities really are. Learning not to be stymied by what is past and cannot be changed and to live in the present and plan for the future, happens slowing as they fight the elements in Ghana to keep Neetie alive and come to terms with life in Boston. Each must find his / her own heart’s deepest need before they can commit to the poignant love that makes them complete.

Susan Carlisle engaging writing style brings alive the culture of the Mamprusi people, the weather, harsh living conditions in Ghana, and the struggle to meet medical needs of the people. The Nurse He Shouldn't Notice throbs with life as Ms. Carlisle’s descriptions tantalize the senses. Heat, rain, mud, storms, smells, sounds add to tensions and fears in many of the scenes. Ms. Carlisle creates an unbreakable emotional connection between Maggie and Court even though their worlds seem vastly different. Her love scenes and compelling way with special words and acts reach out and touch the heart. Good Reading!