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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sam’s Treasure by Terri Crews

Sam’s Treasure by Terri Crews
Publisher: Inspired Romance Novels
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (209 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 Stars
Review by: Telstar

Home. Samantha Carleton dreams of such a wonderful place, somewhere permanent, somewhere safe to simply be herself. Her life wasn’t easy by any measure, always to her knees in creeks and mud, hot on the trail of the next gold nugget. Danger lurked in her day-to-day existence, her well-being dependent upon the rough miners and greedy outlaws they encountered believing her to be a teenage boy.

Ever since she budded into a beautiful young woman, Sam’s pa has dressed her as male to keep her from unwanted attention. But when his love of whiskey causes him to ramble on about his ‘son’ Sam’s keen ability to locate gold, she finds herself taken hostage by the worst kind of lowdown criminals.

When Sheriff Trace Wallace goes undercover to find out who’s been jumping claims, he overhears a plan cooked up by two lazy greenhorn outlaws to kidnap and enslave an older boy to pan for them. Rather than see the kid who is labeled a menace about town placed in jeopardy, he offers his help in bringing Sam to heel.

But Sam is no picnic to handle and in their many struggles Trace soon discovers the unruly boy is in fact a beautiful but tough woman who not only helps him bring in the bad guys, but also ensnares his heart.

Whether it’s claim-jumpers, snakes, or a troublesome sheriff with a killer smile, Sam’s just the girl who can handle them all…

How do you get a drunken father out of a saloon? With a beehive, of course! At least that’s Sam’s solution. And so begins a very uniquely written story that overflows with wonderful dialogue and humor. I was hooked on this story in the first ten pages because of Sam. She’s a fun and feisty young lady that is always jumping off the deep end of trouble.

Author Terri Crews keeps the plot moving at a brisk pace with plenty of evil characters bent on stealing Sam’s gold. On the side of Justice is sheriff Trace Wallace who is equally determined to save Sam despite the opposition she gives him, not to mention, the well placed kick and the smack across the jaw she subjects him too. Enjoy these little snippets of dialogue and action.

“I need you to do as you’re told, Sam, as a part of the deal. I’m to see to you and I’m telling you now, obey me without argument, understand? I’ll be expected to tan your hide if you don’t and I will if I have to, so don’t make me.” ~Page 47

As soon as he turned his back, he heard her feet hit the floor. He turned just as she plowed headfirst into him. ~Page 171

Caution: Don’t buy this book if you don’t want to be compelled to read all the way to the end. Do buy this book if you love characters that will linger in your mind long after you’ve finished reading. Buy this book if you enjoy laughing out loud while reading, because all of the above will happen to you. In my humble opinion, it's well worth the risk!