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Monday, October 8, 2012

Heart of a Texan by Leigh Greenwood

Heart of a Texan by Leigh Greenwood
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical
Length: Full Length (353 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

In The Wrong Place...

Roberta didn't mean to hurt anyone. But the night the masked bandits raided her ranch, it was hard to tell friend from foe. She didn't know Nate Dolan was only trying to help when she shot him in the chest. And when he offers to help her catch the culprits, she only feels guiltier. The absolute least she can do is nurse the rugged cowboy back to health...

With All The Right Moves

Nate has been on the vengeance trail so long, he nearly forgot what a real home looked like. And Roberta is mighty fine incentive to stay put for a while — even if she has a stubborn streak as wide as the great state of Texas. She might be convinced she's healing the wound in his chest, but neither of them known she's also soothing the hurt in his heart.

Out of nowhere, riders stormed onto the ranch and began running off stock and setting the barn aflame. Roberta’s father goes out to stop them and they taunt him and deliberately shoot him to death. She runs out to help when they ride away, but there’s no hope. When she hears a rider returning, she shoots him. Unfortunately he was not one of the raiders, he was her neighbor…

Nate has to stay at Roberta’s because of his injury and blood loss. Roberta is more than willing to take care of him because she shot him. I enjoyed the banter between them. They’re not friends nor are they enemies. When he tells her she’s beautiful, she thinks he’s crazy.

Mr. Greenwood makes his heroine a very strong young woman. She wants to sell the farm and move back to Virginia, her home. She begins to feel a conflict about that because Texas is becoming home. Her other conflict is that she has three men trying to marry her. That sets up the stage for the men to prance about and show off their testerone around her. It’s amusing to watch her deal with all the attention she’s getting from suitors.

This story includes grudges from the past and resentments in the present and is a well told tale. Mr. Greenwood keeps your interest and makes you care about his characters. I found this almost like a cozy western and I enjoyed it. If you haven’t read Mr. Greenwood’s books yet, you need to take a look.