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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Falling for Dr. Fearless by Lucy Clark

Falling for Dr. Fearless by Lucy Clark
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (188 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Dr Ruby Valentine is horrified when she discovers her new colleague is adventurer — and embarrassing teenage crush — Hamilton Goldmark. Homebody Ruby tries to convince herself that this handsome daredevil is off-limits, but she's torn — giving into temptation is terrifying, but letting Hamilton slip through her fingers could be even worse…

A kiss that didn’t happen still embarrasses twenty-eight-year-old Dr. Ruby Valentine. Now the very man who didn’t kiss her is to be her clinic partner while his cousin Dr. Brandon Goldmark is on leave nursing a broken heart. She reasons that she's no longer a traumatized teenager but is now a “take-charge, get-the-job-done doctor" in the little town of Lewisville in the Outback that loves her and supports her. She even has Geoffrey, a steady boyfriend, a good man who serves the community as a policeman and dotes on her.

Dr. Hamilton Goldmark, Mr. Adventurous, still makes Ruby’s heart race, but she wants stability with home, husband and children, children that she can love, nurture, and heed their needs. She still suffers from her parents’ lack of concern for her as they dragged her from one get-rich scheme to another, all the time arguing with each other. As a matter of fact, events from her past seem to pretty much rule her present and her plans for the future to excess.

Hamilton has his own baggage from the past about family and relationships. His past is quite different than Ruby’s, it still controls much in his decision making for the present and the future. He does not want a permanent relationship but he finds Ruby breathtaking. She's charming, sweet, intelligent, practical, caring, brave, and sends his body into overdrive. But her goals and his are miles apart.

As these two work together, their attraction to each other grows. Professionally they are a perfect fit. But they are stymied. They continue to let the past rule—which slows the story for me at times. It takes a life-threatening event for things to come clear so they can live in the now and look to the future rather than always looking to the past.

The culture of the Outback, the extremes of the weather, and the unique secondary characters, their humor, eccentricities, and sense of community, give the reader a touch of Australia. Surviving and thriving in the Outback takes courage, common-sense, and lots of working together.

Ruby and Hamilton’s happy-ever –after promises to be full of adventure and stability because love finds a way to make dreams come true.