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Monday, October 15, 2012

Dealing with David by Katriena Knights

Dealing with David by Katriena Knights
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (157 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Lotus

It’s tough to win the game of love if you don’t understand the rules.

Though Tony Mullin agreed to put on a medieval costume, complete with pointy hat, for her best friend’s marriage vow renewal, another round of wedding bells will never be in her own future. Been there, done that, still sifting through the ashes of broken dreams.

Yet she can’t take her eyes off the Armani-clad mystery man among the guests—and no one’s more surprised to learn it’s David Peterson, the erstwhile nerd who mooned over her in high school. He not only grew up to be a hunk, but a rich one as well. Pity she’s sworn off men.

Last David knew, sweet, artistic Tony married the high school quarterback. He made his fortune developing video games, but the torch he carried for her still smolders. His surprise that she’s ditched the jock quickly turns to determination to win her heart at last…though she seems just as determined to play keep-away.

David didn’t become successful by giving up easily. A freak snowstorm plays into his strategy, but debugging a few gigabytes of computer code seems easier than figuring out how to win this wary woman’s love.

Have you ever wanted to go to your high school reunion to show everyone how well you are doing in life? Or have you ever wanted to show up for your high school reunion looking so much better that no one recognizes you and everyone is also in awe of you?

David Peterson shows up for a classmate’s wedding (basically a high school reunion) looking like a hunk, wearing an expensive designer suit. Antonytte “Tony” Mullin had no idea who he was in high school. Apparently he was her math tutor, but she still didn’t remember him very much. Gradually, she realized that he was the boy she shot down at a dance because she was too concerned about remaining with the popular group. Could she make amends now or should she make amends? Tony is struggling with rebuilding her life, dealing with past issues. She is taking classes to become an accountant even though she hates dealing with numbers. Tony used to love drawing, but has turned her back on it because she has heard that the outlook for artist jobs is not promising.

David has made a successful career out of something he enjoys doing, but has not had much time for dating. He also never got over his high school crush who didn’t even seem to notice him back then. When the opportunity to rescue Tony comes up, David jumps at the chance to be her knight in shining armor. He has always been kind and patient with Tony, but she overlooks him, favoring her own agenda.

Even though the story kind of happened the way that I expected, I still enjoyed it very much. I fell in love with David and was wishing that I could still spend more time with him even after the story ended. Tony reacted the only way she could due to her past experiences, but she also changed for the better after she made some revelations with a little help from her friends. The plot was very interesting to me because I have always wondered about former classmates even though I have yet to attend a reunion. Ms. Knights’ writing style is quick-paced, making reading a pleasure. I will definitely look for more books from this author.

For a fun high school reunion, wedding-style, snap up a copy of Dealing with David. It will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered about their high school classmates, wanted to carry out an outstanding appearance at their high school reunion, or just needed a great story to read that combines revenge, overcoming obstacles, and romance.