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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Careful What you Kiss For by Jane Lynne Daniels

Careful What you Kiss For by Jane Lynne Daniels
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (183 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

What if you could change one mistake you made when you were young?

With the help of one well-intentioned best friend and one bumbling psychic, Tensley gets a “do-over.” One simple change, and she suddenly goes from being a corporate executive to a stripper dancing nearly naked on a stage under a spotlight.

Tensley’s high school boyfriend Max has gone from teenage bad boy to a driven police detective with a lot to prove. When he sees his first love dancing in the strip club he’s assigned to investigate, he’s torn between getting her as far away from the place as he can and needing her help as a club insider. There are only two things he knows for sure – she’s stirring up feelings he thought he’d buried long ago and a relationship with a stripper/police informant would be career suicide.

Tensley’s falling all over again for the man who broke her heart years ago. Now that history seems to be repeating itself, she wants a do-over of her do-over! But what she doesn’t know is that life and love have a way of taking their own surprising turns. And sometimes what you think is your worst mistake might not be a mistake at all.

Sarcasm at its best. What happens when you get a do over, and make a sarcastic answer? Wind up in a heap of trouble, that's what! Well, who would have thought that the do over would actually come true! Certainly not Tensley. If she knew what was going to happen, she would have come up with a much better do over option.....

Tensley is a woman down on her luck. She's had a string of bad relationships, and there's the one that got away in the back of her mind. With the do over option, she could get a chance to make things go differently, and she definitely does, but not without consequence. Tensley is thrown into a life not her own, and is now facing the wrath of her sarcastic words, her wish, that do over. Oh boy! This could turn out rather....interesting!

Max is the man Tensley can't stop thinking about. And, to be honest, he can't stop thinking about her. By a chance encounter, this high school couple reunites once again, in a life Tensley never imagined possible.

Throw in a mix of a bad boss, life altering events, and a love that just won't fade, Careful What You Kiss For is delightful, funny and intriguing. I love the spin on this second chance romance. I rooted for Tensley and Mas, even though I wasn't completely fond of Tensley in the beginning, she definitely grew on me.

The secondary characters are quirky. Tensley's best friend, Kate, is in the midst of the trouble, too, and she helps Tensley sort out this mess.

This novel dazzles. If you love a bit of paranormal, second chance stories, and plenty of humor to go around, why not give Careful What you Kiss For a shot?