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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Affinity by LaVerne Clark

Affinity by LaVerne Clark
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (115 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

In the wrong hands, Jenna Thomas's legacy could be a curse—in her mind it already is. As a child, a routine x-ray awakened an abnormality in Jenna's DNA, giving her the ability to "call" creatures and take on their attributes. Labeled a freak since then, Jenna's learned to keep everyone at a distance. But all that changes the day she saves a young boy from drowning and the story goes viral.

Nick Hawke, an off-duty policeman, witnesses part of the drama. Captivated by Jenna's exotic beauty, he decides to investigate, not sure what to believe. Jenna puts his cynicism to the test—even as the attraction between them grows.

As word of her extraordinary rescue spreads, a dangerous man who will stop at nothing to control Jenna's abilities draws near. With her feelings for Nick putting him in danger too, can Jenna risk everything to protect them both?

Will Jenna put her life on the line for a man she’s just met?

Jenna is a very easy character to like. Even though she knows she’s risking exposing her abilities to the world, she still saves a young boy from drowning. That alone says volumes about the type of woman she is, but I still would have liked to know more about her past and how she learned to control her abilities. Not only does Jenna have a good heart, but a bold one as well. I expected someone who has spent a good deal of her life alone and trying to hide to be much more timid. However, Jenna has quite a bit of spunk in her. Her display of attitude after chasing some bad guys off her property is especially entertaining.

Jenna’s unique powers make for a thought provoking story that left me wondering what would happen if such a thing were really possible. In Jenna’s case, she becomes a target for a very evil man, but I also couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if those powers resided in someone who didn’t have Jenna’s morals to begin with. The thought is truly terrifying.

Jenna and Nick have an intense connection from the moment they meet. The chemistry between them practically sizzles. Jenna hints that other people have been less than accepting about her powers, so I thought it a bit odd that she was so quick to not only trust Nick, but pursue a relationship with him. Their relationship moves a bit fast for my taste, but the connection between them seems genuine. I also enjoyed the twist added to their bond after they make love.

I thought the conflict with the man who was after Jenna was resolved a bit too quickly. Just as the story was picking up speed and the tension was mounting, everything ended. I just wasn’t ready for the story to be over yet. I also have to question why Jenna and Nick didn’t take more precautions for her safety in the first place. Nick and Jenna knew she was a target, yet they didn’t take much action to prevent another attack. I would have thought Nick would have at least insisted on moving her to a different location. Despite this issue, the plot flowed well and had a satisfying conclusion.

Affinity is a fun, fast paced story sure to get the blood flowing. Anyone looking for a good paranormal suspense filled with spicy romance should give Affinity a try.