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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trouble at the Wedding by Laura Lee Guhrke

Trouble at the Wedding by Laura Lee Guhrke
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (380 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Book Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed By Dianthus

Annabel is about to marry the perfect man . . .

The last thing Miss Annabel Wheaton desires is true love. She learned the hard way that love makes a woman foolish and leads only to heartache. That’s why she agreed to marry an earl who needs her money. He’s got a pedigree and a country estate, and he won’t ever break her heart. There’s only one problem . . .

Christian isn’t about to let her marry that pompous prig . . .

Christian Du Quesne, Duke of Scarborough, thinks the stubborn heiress is about to make the biggest mistake of her life, and he’s determined to stop her. Tempting beautiful women is Christian’s forte, after all. When her family offers him a nice sum of money to stop the wedding, he’s happy to accept.

Falling in love with Annabel was never supposed to be part of the bargain . . .

Annabel Wheaton is new money. After her father hits it big in goldmines, she is thrust into a world of riches that were never thought possible. Growing up dirt poor in a tin roof shack, the idea of more money than she could spend in a lifetime is almost impossible to imagine. But she is learning money can’t buy you class, and it sure can’t buy you love. All money can buy you at the end of the day is heartache and an air of falsehood. With one broken heart and a failed marriage under her belt will the idea of giving love a second try be worth gambling on or is this a sign that she needs to cash in her chips?

Christian Du Quesne, Duke of Scarborough, is living a life that he never planned. After the death of his older brother he must step into the role of Duke and it has left a bitter taste in his mouth. Being a notorious rake, gambler and all around bad boy is something Christian has relished in, but now he has to grow up overnight. After one look at Annabel, Christian knows that he must possess her. There is something about her that calls to the real Christian, and not this man he has had to become.

This was a wonderful book and it was a pleasure to read. The characters were really well thought out and the story line moved at a nice, believable pace that really worked with the time period of this tale. I would have liked to see how things turned out for Christian and Annabel after the wedding, i.e. babies, Dinah’s coming out party, etc. But outside of those possible hanging details (which could make for a follow up story to this book) I truly enjoyed this read. I have read Laurie Lee Guhrke before and this book just reaffirms my thoughts that she is an author to follow and that nothing of hers will disappoint a reader. This is a book that would be great to reread and recommend with friends looking for a new author.