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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Texas Pride by Leigh Greenwood

Texas Pride by Leigh Greenwood
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical
Length: Full Length (353 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe


Carla Reece had never met anyone more infuriating in her life. The blond giant who swaggered up to her door had no right to take over half her ranch - no matter how stupid her brother had been gambling it away in a high-stakes poker game. Her new foreman claimed to be some foreign royalty who promised to leave in a year. Still, a year was way too long to spend with a man who made her madder than a wet hen and weak in the knees all at the same time.


Ivan may have charmed everyone in town into thinking he was the perfect gentleman, but Carla knew better. There had to be a chink in his armor-a red-hot passion under that calm, cool gaze. But once she finds it, she may be in for more than she ever bargained for...

Carla has been taking care of the ranch since her parents’ deaths and can’t believe that her brother would be so dumb. He bet his half of the ranch with a gambler in town and lost it!

Mr. Greenwood writes a well-paced story with lots of action, a smoldering romance, cultural differences and a good look at western history. There is enough in this book to hold your interest until the end.

Carla is a strong young woman fighting for acknowledgement and acceptance in a world of men. They don’t think she should be running a ranch by herself and most men want to marry her for her land. She’s a strong, opinionated woman who has a good head and knows she will most likely have to marry. She’s holding out for love, but there aren’t many choices in her town.

Ivan is Polish and an impoverished prince who has agreed to stay on gambler’s property for one year. According to the contract he signed, the property will become his at the end of the year and he can then sell it and return to Poland with enough money to resume his princely status.

As soon as Ivan shows up at the ranch, Carla’s hackles are up. She wants no man to take over half the ranch and she’s going to fight the contract. Ivan is patient and he thinks she’s pretty, so he makes camp and waits for Carla to come to terms with the contract.

The main characters find a mutual attraction, but there are too many things going on for them to pursue it actively. You have men coming in to stay on the gambler’s land to hunt Mexicans and bring back stolen cattle. Carla and Ivan’s dance of love has sparks not only from the romance. The gambler isn’t really gone.

The author works the various facets of his plot together in a seamless style that reads easily and enjoyable. Why not take a trip through Texas with a few grins and a few guns and see how the story works out? Mr. Greenwood is a word master at this type of story. You’ll have fun reading it.