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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Romancing the Hero by Cate Masters

Romancing the Hero by Cate Masters
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (72 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Freesia

For romance writer Jody Feather, love is wonderful—on the page. Her books are instant bestsellers and readers love her delectable hero, Jake Emerson. He’s the kind of man who knows exactly how to please a woman. The kind of man who doesn’t really exist. Or at least not for Jody—she’s too busy writing about delicious heroes to find one of her own.

When a man shows up on her doorstep claiming to be Jake Emerson, Jody’s hormones shoot sky high. This would-be hero is everything she imagined him to be, and when Jody takes him to her book signing, readers swoon. But Jake only has eyes—and compliments—for her. Before long, Jody stops doubting his story and starts doubting her sanity.

When Jake convinces her she is overdue for love, Jody begins to wonder—instead of just writing about adventures, has she conjured one?

A steamy cast of characters pulls the reader right into Romancing the Hero, and doesn’t let go until the final page. Cate Masters’ romantic novella, an homage to the classic romance movie Romancing the Stone, will make you believe that your fantasies can come true.

The well-written characters--feisty Jody Feather, best-selling romance writer who’s dissatisfied with her love life and perfect hero Jake Emerson--are captivating from their initial meeting. Jody is a woman in desperate need of romance and love, so she created the perfect man for her novels. Now, every perfect inch of him is standing on her doorstep. What is an author to do? Jody has some wonderful ideas, but settles for letting what she assumes is a hired actor escort her to a writer’s convention. Things get more complicated when Jody’s ex-boyfriend shows up and she sees a clear choice between the two men.

The novella leads you excellently right down the garden path--is Jake really an actor, or is he stud-come-to-life Jake? I really liked how Ms. Masters’ tight plotting keeps you guessing, up to the very end. And we are pulling for Jake and Jody to get their happy ending. I'm a romance lover, tried and true, and read for the HEA payoff. While, in some ways the ending could be construed as a Happy For Now, I confess to being disappointed by the ending of the book and that's a shame, because Ms. Masters is a very good author and Romancing the Hero is a fun, well-written story.