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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Murdering Eve by Kelly L. Lee

Murdering Eve by Kelly L. Lee
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (358 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

Eve Moore is very likely going insane. In one week's time, she has clear memories of surviving a murderous attack by her dead husband's mistress, teleporting to another Realm, learning her best friend isn't human, and uncovering the existence of trolls, Titans and mythical Gods. If she hadn't gone off her nut, Eve wouldn't be coming to grips with the fact that her mother had an affair with an immortal and she is apparently their love-child.

But since she's getting pretty comfortable with it all, she figures she's probably strapped down somewhere cold and antiseptic with drool dribbling down her chin. Except if she's locked in sanitarium, as she must be, why is she so damn scared of the God of War who threatens to send her soul to the Underworld? And why does the mere glance from a gorgeous man, one that she was tasked to find and return to Olympus, set fire racing through her veins?

Whether it's reality or lunacy, Eve has no idea, but she is on one hell of a ride. If only she could get that red-headed harlot who tried to kill her the first time to cease and desist on the murder attempts, she could enjoy her psychosis in peace…

You know you've had a bad day when your car breaks down and leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Or when you've had the worst week at work dealing with coworkers. That's bad, right? At least you weren't a victim of attempted murder and learned information that would change the way you see the world forever. Yeah, that's a tough week. The heroine in Murdering Eve has gone through hell and back, and it isn't even over yet.

A country song came to my mind while reading this story, one that talks about finding who your friends are when a string of bad luck occurs. Just when I thought things would get better for this heroine, a new surprising element popped up and the chaos began again. Eve is one tough cookie, though even if she'd prefer to live in the state of denial, and chalk it up to a wickedly crazy dream.

Eve is matched with a man that defied an order for the greater good and is paying his price. He's a man with no regrets. Whit Blackstone is a strong willed man who listens to his gut and heart. Where does that get him? Sent to earth to live among the humans. Now that Eve has discovered some truths that might have been better left untold, he has found a purpose in what was supposed to be his punishment.

This book puts an exciting new twist to the contemporary fantasy world. The characters drew my attention in, along with the fast pacing of the plot. There's plenty of action and suspense to go around as well. Eve and Whit make for a great leading couple, and the cast of characters, good and bad, kept me intrigued the whole way. Ms. Lee is an author to watch! In this thrilling and enchanting beginning to what looks like a new series, readers have a chance to fall in love with a world unlike ours, one with a simple good vs evil plot, but the elements that make up this storyline takes a fresh unique spin.

I look forward to more books from the author. If you enjoy a contemporary fantasy novel that explores a new take on mythology and characters that fly off the pages then don't miss Murdering Eve.