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Friday, January 6, 2012

Last Spy Standing by Dana Marton

Last Spy Standing by Dana Marton
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (217 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Black ops specialist Mitch Mendoza had thought this South American rescue mission would be routine. But the jungle held unexpected dangers: deadly snakes, armed drug runners and Megan Cassidy. The undercover CIA agent had legs for miles and a hidden agenda—one that interfered with Mitch's plans. So though he was a lone wolf, he had to keep her close, or risk letting his mission fail. After years of working alone, Mitch found himself distracted by Megan's steely resolve and her soft curves. And he couldn't afford that. Not if he wanted this assignment to be a success…and get both of them out of the jungle alive.

Adrenaline-charged from start to finish Last Spy Standing is heart-stopping at times. Megan Cassidy and Mitch Mendoza both bent on completing their missions, butt heads often yet when the chips are down; they make topnotch partners.

Dana Marton dumps the reader into the South American rain forest with drug runners and killers on every trail--plus, every natural enemy imaginable: snakes, spiders, and big predators. Even the vegetation and terrain can be dangerous. The reader’s vicarious trek through the jungle, into drug lords’ strongholds and gunfights, some with maybe a little ‘overkill’ on the killing, makes one breathless. Of course, having a twenty-two-year-old whiny, spoiled college boy to get out of a mess he got himself into ups the stakes for surviving since he has no common sense.

Mitch Mendoza, a hard core operative for the black ops group Special Designation Defense Unit, is on a mission to get Zak Macy-Goodman, the Kansas governor’s son, away from a drug lord and back home alive. Mitch is a loner whose success rate is A-1. He does not make commitments or forever promises, but Megan Cassidy, undercover CIA operative, stirs his blood and tests his resolve.

He runs afoul of Megan who has been undercover a year. She has two missions, one professional and the other personnel and she needs Zak to move her missions along to completion. Even though she works in a male-dominated profession, she is self-sufficient, sassy, totally focused to the point of being snarky and mean if thwarted. Deep-down she has a sense of humor, but not when it comes to business. As she deals with the intrepid Mitch Mendoza, a long-unrealized sexual need threatens to undermine her focus. She tamps it down but her body still tingles with emotions that drive her to want more than her job.

Dana Marton’s intense, compelling writing style creates gut-wrenching, frightening scenes that often are vicious. However, she also creates spine-tingling love scenes...imagine making love in a hammock.

Her brash, determined, strong hero and heroine are memorable in their tenacity, endurance, and loyalty. Ms. Marton uses a dark side of modern day reality for a setting as she creates a fast-paced, riveting suspense and romance that is attention-gripping.