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Monday, January 9, 2012

Heaven Sent by Jessica Damien

Heaven Sent by Jessica Damien
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (332 pages)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

Guardian angels. How many miracles have been worked by these wondrous beings? How many lives have been saved, how many destinies have been formed?

And how many mistakes have been made?

Ben’s not quite an angel yet; he’ll have to save an awful lot of souls before that can happen. And he’s not off to a good start. After causing the death of his subject, he has to face Michael’s wrath and team up with Dorian, the man who was supposed to have lived for another forty-two years.

But Dorian takes it in stride. He becomes smitten with the lovely Alexa, a unique young woman who should never have been born of human parents, but because of a merry mix-up, the powers-that-be must retrieve her so that she can begin to learn her place in the heavens. The world is depending on her.

Dorian realizes soon enough that he has a rival, and Donovan is no light-weight. An angel from way back, when the world was young, he’s virile, handsome, and darkly mysterious. Is he just toying with Alexa? Are his secrets dangerous to humanity?

When an evil and vengeful entity makes its presence known, they’re all going to have to depend blindly on each other for the survival of the world and each other, in spite of all the unknowns, in spite of all the ill feelings.

The journey to become a full fledged angel is not easy as one believes. It's not instantaneous perfection. One doesn't die and simply become an angel without earning it first. Heaven Sent is like the bloopers section of a movie. It doesn't just show all the hits, it goes through the misses.

The book has a few central characters. Ben, an angel-in-training, Dorian, an accidental death, and Alexa. Its lighthearted, witty charm lured me in, and I laughed out loud in many spots. This is a fresh and different spin on a tale of angels and heaven. Romance takes a backseat in this story. The characters were delightful and the pacing stayed steady the whole while.

Ben is just one of those guys who sometimes, no matter how he tries, can't seem to get it right. It's what makes him easy to relate to. He doesn't always see the big picture, and he makes mistakes. But all the while, he's a good natured man. One thing leads to another, and a chain reaction of events has him working with Dorian.

Dorian had his share of problems, and even though he's dead before his time, he takes it well. He jumps in to help at a drop of a hat, and he guides Ben at times, and other times is guided.

Overall, this novel was engaging and fun. Ms. Damien takes things into a whole new level in this nicely crafted world, and puts real life situations in with a little mischief from those that not everyone can see.

If you enjoy a paranormal book with a bit of comedic elements, then surely you don't want to miss Heaven Sent?