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Monday, January 9, 2012

Eternal Obsession by Ann Lory

Eternal Obsession by Ann Lory
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Historical
Length: Full length (151 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed By Dianthus

Kelly Matthews has every intention of forgetting the ravishing vampire who’d stolen her heart a year ago, but their blood bond will not let her forget. Add the fact that her dance company would be performing in his home town of Paris, France. Kelly fears what will happen if she sees him again and worse…what if she doesn’t?

A punch in the nose is the last thing Jacques expects when he comes face to face with Kelly for the first time since leaving her a year ago. Now convincing her that he made a mistake and getting her back into his life is the hard part.

But another weaves his way into Kelly’s mind. She is the very image of a love lost to him one hundred fifty years ago and nothing will stop him from reclaiming her. Jacques is determined to protect her, but his new enemy—once a friend and a teacher—is older and stronger and Jacques will risk all to ensure Kelly remains forever his.

Break my heart once, shame on you. But break it twice, and shame on me for giving you a second chance. That is the motto that Kelly Matthews has lived by since Jacques Deveraux vanished from her life over a year ago. He was the man of her dreams, and after willingly giving over not only her heart but her blood to save him, he just left without even an explanation. Will meeting him again soften Kelly's heart or is it too damaged to be opened again?

Jacques has been in love with Kelly since the first day he met her, and hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her once in the time since he left her. If only she could understand that he is protecting her by staying away. Word comes to him that Kelly will be back in Paris, and no matter the consequences Jacques can’t seem to stay away. The light inside Kelly draws him, and nothing will stand in his way of having her for eternity this time. Will a man from Jacques’s past put the love of his life in mortal danger or can Jacques keep her safe long enough for her to know the truth about him as the man he is?

I have been a fan of vampire themed books, since before Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse days, and this book reminds me of why I love the genre. I found I was rooting for Jacques and Kelly to get together in the end almost from the first meeting. Ann Lory really made this a story to get into, and I was sucked in from the beginning and dreaded the end of the book. I would love to see more stories about this band of vampires, maybe even a series to tell the stories of everyone else involved in the gathering of Kelly and Jacques. Ann Lory is an author to watch out for, and would make a great addition to any vampire lovers’ collection.