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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Arrow that Flies: Blood Brothers in Christ Book One by Sadie and Sophie Cuffe

Arrow that Flies: Blood Brothers in Christ Book One by Sadie and Sophie Cuffe
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (145 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

As undercover agent, Jackie Duncan, ferrets out environmental activist Rand Adams and his turbulent plans for the logging town of Stellar’s Ford, she sees double when identical twin, Robbie, assumes his brother’s identity. After nearly getting skewered by an arrow at a tree-spiking site, Jackie’s list of suspects grows, and her rural childhood haven boils over with protests and arson. At every turn, Rand Adams is a step ahead of her.

When her investigative work won’t turn the tables, Jackie stubbornly befriends this would-be enemy and discovers, though they share the same face, Robbie is not his volatile brother. But who is he, and will their fragile love and common faith be enough to weather the arrival of brother, Rand, and his claims of being a kidnapped pawn in a cat-and-mouse game that's about to turn deadly for all of them?

Robbie is a changed man, but a wounded soul from his past lurks in the darkness waiting to take revenge.

Sadie and Sopie Cuffe set the stage for an exciting mystery from page one when Robbie’s carefully ordered world is thrown into chaos by the kidnapping of his estranged twin brother, Rand. The message delivered on the end of an arrow is truly chilling and had me eagerly turning pages. As if posing as his brother and trying to keep the situation in Stellar’s Ford from boiling over weren’t enough, Jackie crashes into Robbie’s life. Jackie is there to help, but her presence only complicates matters. Even worse, Rand’s kidnapper now has Jackie in her sights. Will Jackie and Robbie discover the person behind the arrows before it’s too late?

Robbie is a hard nut to crack. It was clear from the start that Robbie is a good man, but he seemed very distant from those around him for a large part of the book. He bottles his emotions up and connects with animals far more easily than people. He’s even on bad terms with his own twin. However, as the story progressed, it became clear that Robbie is hiding a wounded heart. The revelations concerning Robbie’s past aren’t brought to light until close to the end of the book, but the journey is certainly worth it.

I liked Jackie immediately. Robbie compares her to a tornado, and I completely agree. Jackie is one of those people who cares for everyone around her, but completely forgets to take care of herself. While her desk is a complete mess, Jackie isn’t scatter brained. She’s smart, sharp, and more than a match for any challenge that comes her way.

The list of people who could possibly be behind the events at Stellar’s Ford is quite long. It seems that everyone has a strong opinion about logging the trees in the area. Each suspect has a good motive, and I had a hard time sorting out who was the true culprit. Like Robbie, I was very surprised to discover that the root of all the problems goes back much further than anyone imagined.

Robbie and Jackie are complete opposites, but they do have one important thing in common, their mutual faith in Christ. When Jackie and Robbie first meet, they don’t really like each other. They both had a lot on their minds and they each suspected the other of being up to no good. Jackie and Robbie keep each other on their toes and their teasing banter is quite entertaining. When they profess their faith to each other, their relationship takes a very positive turn. For most of the story, Jackie and Robbie’s bond grows slowly, but naturally. However close to the end of the story, everything seems to be put on the fast track. Given that the pace of their relationship was slow through most of the book, it didn’t seem to fit that they would suddenly make such life changing decisions without knowing more about each other. I would have liked to see Jackie and Robbie spend more time together outside of the crisis at Stellar’s Ford. Despite this issue, I really enjoyed watching Jackie and Robbie grow together and have no doubt that their happy ending is meant to be.

Arrow that Flies is certainly an exciting mystery. The pacing was well done, the characters were extremely likable, and I was kept guessing until the very end. Anyone looking for a romantic suspense with a heartwarming ending should give Arrow that Flies a try.