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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flame of Destiny by Colleen Helme

Flame of Destiny by Colleen Helme
Publisher: Mundania Press LLC
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (240 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Orchid

For Callista, joining the Elite Guard will give her the means to find the murderer who killed her family.

With the sword of her ancestors, she enters the Academy and soon discovers latent powers only heard of in legends. Her uncanny skills do not go unnoticed, and when her first assignment goes terribly wrong, she is saved by a man whose destiny becomes entwined with her own.

Soon, she is forced to re-consider who her enemies really are. As her power awakens, she is drawn into a web of deceit that will ultimately shake everything she believes in.

With a new sense of her identity, she must confront a dark evil hidden behind an unspeakable secret. This evil threatens to destroy her and the man she has come to love. Will she be strong enough to withstand this power, or will she become the very thing she has sworn to destroy?

Callista becomes an orphan when her whole settlement is decimated. Fortunately she escapes the carnage and watches as the shadowbeast killers obey the grey wizard. Determined to destroy the shadowbeasts and their master, she travels to the Academy and trains to become a guard. She believes her chance has come when she is offered a position in the Elite Guard.

Justin, the King’s youngest son, has been abroad for some years. He has now returned and circumstances throw him and Callista together. The King has left to fight a war on his northern borders, leaving Justin’s older brother Richard in charge. Torin of the Academy is held in great respect by Justin, but he feels uneasy when in the presence of Commander Barrett, the leader of the Elite Guard.

The King has taken his army to war, shadowbeasts have infiltrated the city but who is their wizard master? History reveals wizards tried to rule the world but were defeated and the only ones left were trained as healers. Can these healers destroy the shadowbeasts, spawn of the evil wizards? Have the beasts attempts on Callista’s life got anything to do with the attack on her settlement?

Sometimes you know a book is the right one for you. This was the case with Flame of Destiny. From the moment I saw the cover I knew I had to read it. Callista is a strong, stubborn, feisty heroine who has an aim in life. Despite the revelations regarding her origins, she is still determined to do things her way and at times this leads her into serious trouble.

Justin longs to show his father he is loyal and trustworthy. Despite loving his brother, they are at loggerheads. His warnings to his brother go unheeded and this puts everyone in danger, including the townspeople.

Justin and Callista, with the healer and a colleague from the Elite Guard work together to destroy the shadowbeasts who appear to be unstoppable. Sometimes betrayed, sometimes helped, they are pulled apart and drawn together as the story unfolds. I became so involved with the story that at times I sat on the edge of my seat egging them on to do the right thing.

This book has something for everyone. Fighting and adventure, mystery and mayhem, magic and suspense. And of course romance. The romance is a natural part of the story, developing as it progresses. There are no hugs and kisses merely to fill in a few paragraphs. The romance appears so gracefully it weaves itself into the story and the hero and heroine became a couple almost before I realized it.

I believe this is the first of a series. Flame of Destiny is a complete, stand alone novel, but it had better be the first of many. I'm waiting eagerly for more.