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Friday, May 6, 2011

Shaken and Stirred by Viola Grace

Shaken and Stirred by Viola Grace
Sector Guard 19
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (83 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Tosha wanted a nice day off with her cousin, but a homicidal bug wave forces her to expose her talent to the others on her tour. Before her government can lock her up she is swept off by a tornado and whisked into the stars. Joining the Sector Guard had never been an option, but now it was her only choice. Her name is changed to Shake and her first assignment is a doozy. With Vortex at her side she accepts the emergency assignment and finds herself facing a proven killer who has no problem adding her to the roster.

The Sector Guard continues to grow, and Viola Grace just keeps pushing the boundaries of imagination with each new adventure.

Tosha and her cousin Alara just wanted a nice day together, but that all changed when the tour group they were with encountered newly hatched flesh eating beetles.

When Tosha uses her talent to protect everyone, she is resigned to becoming a lab rat for her government. But her cousin has planned ahead, and has been in contact with the Sector Guard about Tosha and her ability to shake things up. There really isn’t much of a choice for her, and when a whirlwind with a man in the center sweeps her off her feet, she is off to Teklan Base to begin her life as Shake, the latest recruit to the Sector Guard.

As her prospective partner, and possible mate, Vortex is determined to see her safely off planet. But before Shake can be fully trained, an assignment drops into their laps. Can Shake and Vortex find the escaped homicidal maniac and return him to the prison? Will Tosha be able to put her worry for Alara, the cousin she left behind, aside to concentrate on the tasks ahead? Can Vortex survive Tosha’s wicked humor and convince her to stay?

I like meeting each new race of fantastic people that inhabit Ms. Grace’s imagination, and this was no exception. I enjoyed seeing old friends stationed on Teklan Base, and getting to know new ones, like Shake and Vortex.

Tosha, code name Shake, is a delight. She is smart, independent, and has no filter for her thoughts. I loved wondering what she would say next, and she never disappoints. She is wise enough to realize once her talent is exposed, that she will never be able to return to the life she knew, and I love that she jumped right in when offered an alternative to life in a laboratory.

Micix, or Mix to friends, code name Vortex, knows that Tosha is his mate, but he wants to take it slowly. He is strong and handsome, but a bit more traditional than his rambunctious partner. Raised in an underwater realm, he is calm to Tosha’s frenetic pace. He is attracted to her, but will follow his race’s traditions by courting her properly. I loved his protective nature toward Tosha, even though it is clear she can take care of herself. I liked that her impulsive nature didn’t throw him off of the chase, and that he was determined to win her heart.

When their first mission becomes more dangerous than either expected, I was on the edge waiting to see how these two would handle it. The results of their assignment were a bit of a surprise, and it was at this point that the story took and unusual twist that I didn’t expect in a Sector guard story. But looking back, it was the perfect outcome.

I look forward to the next episode, as Ms. Grace has given us a hint as to what is coming, or rather who we will meet next. It promises to be an excellent addition to the Sector Guard saga and I hope it comes soon.