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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Native Spirit by Melinda Elmore

Native Spirit by Melinda Elmore
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical
Length: Short Story (65 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Aloe

White Hawk is devastated when he returns to his village and finds his future bride taken by the white man. He will sacrifice his own life to save his only love. The future of his people and their way of life is in his hands, but can he stay focused and do what his heart tells him and stay on the right path?

Half Moon waits patiently for White Hawk to rescue her. He is her only hope. Just as her hope starts to fade, her spiritual guide beckons to her and she hears White Hawk’s sweet but stern voice.

Will the Great Spirit guide White Hawk on the right path or will he lose himself and travel the wrong path?

White Hawk is hunting with his father and the other warriors of their tribe when he gets the premonition that something is wrong…

This author has a done a nice job of researching Native American life and beliefs and incorporating them in her story. Indians have always thanked the earth, the animals, the spirits for providing food and guidance. They have vision quests, take pride in their own skills, and hide their pain to show their strength. Indians understood nature’s ways, respected themselves and others, and worked together for the good of the tribe as a whole. Then white men showed up.

Half Moon, who is White’s Hawks future wife, has been kidnapped along with other women from their camp by white men. They have taken them to sell as slaves, but the man who has Half Moon in his custody decides he wants her for himself. Half Moon tries hard to find a way to escape, but eventually strikes a bargain. If Seth will let the other women go, Half Moon will stay with him. She’s tortured by that decision, but does it for the good of the tribe. She also hopes White Hawk will save her from this evil that is worse than death.

Indian tradition plays a part again in this story. White Hawk leads the hunt and prays for guidance in making the right decisions. His choices now will be the turning point in the outcome. If he decides right, he has a chance to get Half Moon back. If not, he may lose her forever and his heart will be crushed.

I had no trouble getting into these characters. They want to live peacefully, but will do what they need to survive. Isn’t that a bit like us? The story reads well and has a nice pace. I would like to have known if they recovered the other women who were on their way to slavery, but the main plot keeps your attention well and that one little thing doesn’t detract from the story.

If you’re familiar with Native American beliefs, this story shows you how such beliefs are applied. If you’re not, here’s a chance to learn, and it’s a good, entertaining read, too!