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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Multiple Organisms by Viola Grace

Multiple Organisms by Viola Grace
Sector Guard 18
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (92 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Drahali has lived her life as a freak, a woman who was far more than one of the guys. Her strength was limitless, but it doomed her to a life alone until the day the Sector Guard recruiter arrived and offered her a chance to be his partner and possibly more.

Remar suffered the same fate on his home world with his body able to split into multiple incarnations of the original. Meeting a woman who was petite, adorable and could snap him in two would have frightened a lesser man, but he could be more than she could handle any time he wished.

The Sector Guard is growing once again. This new addition to Teklan Base is a delightful romance, sweet and gentle, but threaded with danger and excitement.

Drahali has spent her life knowing she will probably always be alone. After all, how many men are there willing to accept a woman with unlimited strength? She would be afraid to hug or cuddle, in case things got too intense.

When the Sector Guard recruiter comes calling, Dra knows she needs to see where this could lead. Remar has his own talent-he can split himself into multiple incarnations of his original form. He likes what he sees in Drahali, and knows he can take anything she can dish out. After one simple test, Remar, code name Multi, is positive Dra will be a positive addition to Teklan Base. As for Dra, she knows her chances at happiness lie away from her home and family, and is willing to take the position offered. After a harrowing first assignment with an attempt on Dra’s life that goes awry, the pair discover a new closeness. Will others accept Dra at the base? Can her unique talent be honed to work in the Guard? Can Multi convince her they will be more than partners?

Viola Grace continues to surprise and delight with the twists and turns of this delicious story. I enjoyed the verbal fencing between Dra and Remar as much as seeing her grow to her full potential.

Drahali is a strong and intelligent woman. She realizes early on that her chances for finding a mate on her home world are non-existent, but is still shocked by her parents desire to send her to the Sector Guard. I enjoyed watching her experience new people and places, and loved how she accepted her new position in the Guard with just a small bit of caution. I also loved watching her convince Remar nothing would be settled until she had seen the Sector Guard matchmaker.

Remar is unique, both in looks and in ability. Of course he is handsome, but he is so much more. He is instantly attracted to Dra, and it was a delight watching her keep him at arms length while they were getting to know each other. I found his determination to woo and win her a wonderful diversion throughout the story.

This is a story of two people learning about each other, finding common desires and goals. There is a bit of danger when the pair goes on their first mission together, and I was fascinated by the ways Ms. Grace was able to keep Dra out of Remar’s arms for so long. I also loved revisiting so many of the old friends from previous books, first on Morganti Base and later on Teklan Base as well. I look forward to many more visits to the bases of Sector Guard, and the Guardsmen who inhabit them.