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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kisri and the Beast by Moira Rogers

Kisri and the Beast by Moira Rogers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (62 Pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

His duty...her pleasure.

…and the Beast, Book 2

After three years at war, Ennon bears the burden of seeing the High Lord’s vast armies home. Keeping thousands of fiercely independent lions in line isn’t easy. When his soldiers discover a beautiful, royal female hidden beneath an illusion spell, the lure of her inheritance threatens the order of his camp.

The men of her family protected Kisri, until the war stole them away. Tired of defending herself from greedy suitors, she’s in search of her only remaining male relative. Instead she finds Ennon, her cousin’s most dangerous warrior. Perhaps the only man in the kingdom who has no interest in claiming her birthright. Which makes him unique…and tempting.

Delivering Kisri to his High Lord’s side—while keeping his distance—is Ennon’s one and only duty. Yet Kisri’s untutored advances crack his formidable resistance. And she proves to be a dangerously adept student. Especially when their passion wakes a magic beyond their control…

This is another short but hot original fairy tale from the talented Moira Rogers.

As the last female of her family, Kisri is determined to reach her cousin, Malrion, High Lord of the Plains, to seek his protection, before any of the ambitious males can mate her against her will. Not only is she the last royal and single female, she is rich and attractive. She is also determined to find the one male who would gain nothing from mating with her: someone who wants her for herself.

Using magic to create a glamour, she disguises herself as a male, and travels with the troops heading home under the lead of the First Warlord, Ennon. When she is discovered in the camp, Ennon sends word to Malrion, and is told to bring her directly to Malrion, protecting her from harm. Kisri discovers in Ennon a man worthy of respect, and more important, a virile and desirable man, one with no need of what she has.

As they travel together, Kisri is determined to lose her innocence, and sets out to seduce Ennon. Can Kisri convince Ennon to teach her to be a woman, and please her lioness as well as her woman? Can Ennon keep his heart from becoming involved with the tempting female traveling with him? When he succumbs to Kisri’s charms, will Ennon survive Malrion’s judgment?

I love the world Ms. Rogers has created, and the characters are a delight to watch. This is definitely something to read when you want a quick and hot shot of romance.

Kisri is determined to find her own mate. She is smart and strong, and willing to take matters into her own hands concerning her future. I enjoyed watching as she slowly worked her way under Ennon’s skin, and into first his bed and then into his heart. She is brave and crafty, as well, and well able to take care of herself.

Ennon is the strong and courageous First Warlord of the Plains, a man that commands his troops with both intelligence and honor. He is determined to resist temptation as far as Kisri is concerned, but underestimates her determination where he is concerned. But he makes a serious mistake, and has to face the consequences of his action when they reach the camp of the High Lord, Malrion. I love Ennon, with his sense of honor and his willingness to take the punishment he knows he deserves.

This is a marvelous story of romance, seduction and happy endings. The passion that Ennon and Kisri share along their journey is at first sweet, and then hot and passionate as they near their destination.

I love Ms. Rogers’ new fairy tales, and wonder what is next in store for all of the readers who never really grew out of fairy tales. I am one of those folks, and I hope to see many more in this line from Ms. Rogers. So these two get their happy ever after? Read Kisri and the Beast for your answer.