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Friday, May 20, 2011

Flirting with the Fireman by Judy Jarvie

Flirting with the Fireman by Judy Jarvie
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (114 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 books
Review by: Azalea

Felicity Truro's diary is filling up with problems. First there's the ugliest bridesmaid's dress in the world, then there's her sick aunt's serious secret. But it's Rod McAllister, the handsome firefighter best man with attitude, who's melting her willpower and frazzling her nerves the most.

Can Flick survive being a bridesmaid for the eleventh time whilst falling for the best man? And how will she cope when Rod needs a stand-in and she's promoted to top of the candidate list?

Raynesford County Librarian Felicity (“Flick”) Truro is fed up with self-important men, the kind women fall all over, like hunky firefighter Rod McAllister. Flick's immune to lust, so why, then, does her heart leap whenever he's around?

Flick has had a dislike for the seemingly self-assured Rod, even though he's never given her a reason to feel the way she does. Maybe it's her background: a quiet, driven person obsessed with order. Only her racy shoes give her away. Definitely not librarian shoes, but sexy, vibrant ones that belie her staid persona.

Rod, a chick magnet, lives with his mother, and regularly visits the library, checking out cookbooks, among others. He's always polite to Flick, yet he can trade barbs with her in the same vein as she gives them.

When Flick's best friend Linda announces she's marrying her steady, who just happens to be Rod's boss, Flick is doubly upset. Not only will Rod be the best man from Hell, she's been asked to be the chief bridesmaid. This will be Flick's eleventh stint as bridesmaid, making her the last single girl standing. Not good. Knowing their antagonism for one another, Linda persuades Rod to break the ice with some emails.

Many of the exchanges between characters are emails or answering machine messages. Jarvie creates a cute, sassy dialogue between characters. Even the minor characters of Mack, Rod's boss, and Flick's Aunt Audrey are nicely drawn. I was charmed by the story and only have a couple of niggles. I wanted to know the setting, as in what country. I see Ms. Jarvie lives in Fife, Scotland, but the story is set where the local currency is in dollars and most (not all) spellings are Americanized. However, certain words or sayings are British (as in “It's sorted,” and “jab” for getting a shot.) Also, I've never heard of anyone being “chief bridesmaid”. Maid of honor is the generally used term.

But don't let this deter you from buying Flirting with the Fireman. Jarvie has created a charming debut novella, and despite the short length, she packs in enough action and drama to keep you turning pages.