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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crystal Lake Reunion by Celia Yeary

Crystal Lake Reunion by Celia Yeary
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (310 pages)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

Twenty-five-year-old Houston realtor, Dana Dawson, has no reason to believe her life is not as it seems. When Ruth Dawson, her mother, travels thirty miles to Crystal Lake for her twenty-fifth high school reunion, she becomes ill. Dr. Grant Adams summons Dana to the small town she has never seen. There Dana begins to unravel a secret about her past she did not know existed.

Dana keeps her suspicions to herself and remains in Crystal Lake when her mother goes home. During the next week, she becomes acquainted with the charming young doctor and elicits his help to discover her true birthplace. There she finds a shocking truth that not only changes her life, but also almost destroys her mother and another entire family.

Dana had a great life. Despite being from a one parent home, she grew up knowing she was loved by her mother. Now, at twenty five, she still had a close relationship with her mom, working with her at a job she enjoyed. Who knew that a simple invitation to her mother's high school reunion would change their lives so much? Crystal Lake is where the secrets come unraveling. A pact between two people so many years ago would come back to haunt them, and lives are going to change.

Dana is slightly at a crossroads in her love life. She's been seeing a man, but somewhere deep inside she knows it isn't going to go anywhere. He's rarely said he loved her, he doesn't put her first, and is always away, traveling for his job. In Crystal Lake, she meets a young handsome doctor that seems very interested in Dana.

Things start to spiral out of control when Dana decides to stick around, long after Ruth, her mother, goes home. Dana questions things in her past after a few different incidents happen. Those thoughts forced from the back her mind lead Dana on a hunt for the truth, and what she finds out affects a small group of people.

Crystal Lake Reunion is engaging and emotional. The writing is fresh and the plot filled with plenty of conflict. Dana is an inspiring heroine, because no matter what seems to be thrown in her path, she handles it carefully and so well. Though she is only twenty five, she seems older by the way she speaks and acts. Ms. Yeary weaves so many tough decisions in her character's life in this book.

Dana isn't the only memorable character to read about. There's her mother, Ruth, who has raised Dana on her own when her husband died. Ruth had a terrible time of it when she was younger, but has overcome it and raised her daughter to be a respectful, gracious young woman. Then there's Grant, who works long hours and steps in for other doctors when needed. He apologizes when he's wrong and he's the kind of man who will be there for someone when they are in need of a hand to hold, or someone to talk to. His character could have been a little more detailed, though; the reader doesn't learn very much of his history.

Overall, this story is well written and tugs on heartstrings of the reader. If you enjoy romance with plenty of conflict and characters that have a way of warming your heart, then join the town of Crystal Lake as the people who live there tell you their story.