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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Cop and A Feel by Vivi Andrews

A Cop and A Feel by Vivi Andrews
Karmic Consultants
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (56 Pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

He’s going to be the love of her life…if they survive the night.

Karmic Consultants, Book 5

With a single touch, Ronna Mitchell can catch stolen glimpses of the future and separate truth from lies. But life as a human polygraph machine can be lonely. Craving human contact, she moonlights as a palm reader whenever a carnival comes to town.

Officer Matt Holloway is intent on trailing a hit man when he ducks into a palm reader’s booth to avoid being spotted by his quarry. The beguiling Jamaican fortune teller is definitely intriguing, but she’ll have to wait. He’s close on the assassin’s tail.

When Ronna takes his hand, a startling vision of the future flashes in her mind’s eye. Matt isn’t a typical client, he’s The One. Before she has the chance to introduce herself as the mother of his unborn children, he’s gone, leaving her with a terrifying vision of her soul mate covered in blood. And dead certain she’s the only one who can save her happily ever after.

This is Vivi Andrews’ fifth book in the world of the Karmic Consultants, and I love how it is growing.

Imagine touching someone, and seeing their future, and sensing the truth in them. In her job for Karmic consultants, Ronna Mitchell is a human polygraph, but it is a lonely life. So when the traveling carnival hits town, she moonlights as a gypsy palm reader.

Officer Matt Holloway is on stake out to stop an assassin from murdering a consultant, and proving himself here could lead to a spot on the elite task force. Matt has always had hunches, and more than a few have proven true. When he hides in the palm reader’s tent to watch for his target, he never expected to find much more than some fake telling him his ‘future’.

When the assassin strikes, Matt realizes that the palm reader is the target for Cutter, the mystery assassin. When they find themselves thrown together in danger, can Matt and Ronna discover the future can be so much better together? After what Ronna does to Cutter, can she ever return to her life, or will she always fear her talent? Will Karma be able to assure Ronna things will turn out as they should?

These characters are such a great combination of real yet extraordinary beings, human with just that little bit extra. I liked that, in this story, the main character felt the need for a life outside of her talent and the agency, and played the part of a gypsy to her advantage. Ms. Andrews did a wonderful job of portraying the carnival atmosphere, and yet adding a sense of threat and darkness to it. I have noticed that, throughout this series, Ms. Andrews takes the ordinary and makes it so much more.

Ronna is a strong and powerful talent. But she is also a very lonely woman and needs to escape her position from time to time. I love that, instead of denying what she is, she finds a way to use what she does to entertain and help regular people through her touch at the carnival. When she sees danger in Matt’s future, she ignores the danger and rushes to help, never realizing the danger is hers, not his. All she can see is the future for the two of them, and what might be.

Matt is ambitious, at least in the beginning. But he soon realizes that he has to depend on himself to save Ronna, and he also discovers that she is so much more than just your average palm reader. He is smart, and gorgeous, but he is also honorable and brave, facing the evil Cutter to stop him from harming one more person. I liked that he was protective, even as he was furious with Ronna for interfering.

This is a story of turning what could be into what will be, for both Ronna and Matt. I loved the moment when Matt realized that Ronna was ‘the real deal’ and not some phony fortuneteller in some roadside carnival. And I completely enjoyed the future that Ronna ‘pushed’ into Matt’s mind, the very future she foresaw when she first touched his hand. The happy ever after for these two was foretold in the beginning of the story, but it took a lot of stumbles to get there.

This is definitely a wonderful addition to Ms. Andrews’ Karmic Consultants, and one everyone will enjoy.