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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Boss’s Surprise Son by Teresa Carpenter

The Boss’s Surprise Son by Teresa Carpenter
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (192 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

If it isn't bad enough that Savannah Jones has succumbed to the old cliché of falling for her boss, now she's expecting his baby!

Everyone knows that gorgeous, dynamic Rick Sullivan is a confirmed bachelor, wedded firmly to his work. So, convinced there's no happy ending for her, Savannah tries to resign quietly. Only, Rick won't let her go, for reasons he doesn't fully understand, and she won't marry him out of duty. It's stalemate! Unless this brooding boss can let go and tap in to his inner doting daddy…

This is an absolute easy breezy fun and fulfilling romance to read when a reader needs a quick shot of optimism and happiness. The Boss’s Surprise Son was enjoyable from beginning to end.

I really liked how the story slowly built up the sensual tension between Rick the hero and Savannah, the heroine. It was adorable. She drove him nuts but he can’t help himself and he watches her and thinks spicy thoughts. She tries to hide it and resist it but she finds herself in near swoons thinking of her boss.

They both are lusting after the other, are both in denial and refuse to act on it and it’s the perfect recipe for temptation overload. The tension comes from wondering who is going to fall first, how hard and when and because they are characters I really liked, I couldn’t put the book down.

The one main thing that I appreciated throughout this story was the sense of humor and the embarrassing peccadilloes they each find themselves in at points throughout the book. I giggled with the desk scene, and I snickered when he eyed her in suspicion whenever she did anything. Savannah had a tendency to do things Rick didn’t expect and he was equally horrified and fascinated all at the same time. It was really quite fun and the author’s style of writing really brought smiles to my face too many times to count. I just felt really good after reading this book.

It’s not all cotton candy however. Both Rick and Savannah have some internal conflicts they need to work through before they can realize their happily ever after. Thing is, Savannah sure makes him work for it and that’s part of the problem. The heroine has an interesting background and I liked that. Rick has a twisted background meaning that things that would be no big deal to most people practically have him running for the hills. I enjoyed how the healing played out.

Dialogue was well done, the pace was smooth where it needed to be and brisk when impact was needed. I liked the author’s story telling style and I liked the secondary characters she populated the story with. It was a winner for me all around.

The Boss’s Surprise Son had me smiling most of the time and it provided a very satisfying happily ever after. It was a fast read for me simply because I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Rick and Savannah are wonderful together and I’m sure Rick will make a wonderful father someday even with baby burp all over him. I’m a very satisfied reader.