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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Knight Before Christmas by Alicia Dean

A Knight Before Christmas by Alicia Dean
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (290 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

The last thing Heath King wants is to return to Kansas City for the holidays. Being in his home town holds too many bad memories, and now there are new bad memories in the making, among them a sister he never knew about--proof that his father was unfaithful. But the most difficult thing he’ll face is running into Nicolette, his best friend’s widow—the woman he’s loved since the day he met her.

Before Nicolette Morgan has time to fully grieve over her husband’s death, a blackmailer enters the picture, demanding she pay him or he’ll ruin the lives of everyone she loves. Nicolette sees no way out until she unexpectedly encounters Heath King. When she turns to him for help, old feelings are rekindled and she realizes she never stopped wanting him.

As Christmas approaches, Heath must find a way to stop the blackmailer...but can he also rescue the love he lost fifteen years ago?

Heath may be a King, but to Nicolette he is a knight in shining armor.

Heath King dreads being home for Christmas. Grief, guilt, hostility, and unrequited love loom big in his home town of Kansas City. Once a policeman and now the owner of his own security business, he takes care of others’ problems but cannot seem to resolves his own. His loyalty to family and friends is steadfast, but it takes its toll on his own emotional well-beings.

Even though entangled in family issues, he goes to Nicolette’s aid when she calls. She is the longtime love of his life.

Nicolette, widow of Rudy, Heath’s best friend, is suspected of killing Rudy and is being blackmailed. In her efforts to save Rudy’s reputation and save the charity he setup, she has put herself at risk. No longer able to cope with suspicious detectives and a blackmailer, Nicolette asks Heath for help.

Using his skills from law enforcement and his security business, he meticulously gathers information to catch the blackmailer and to find his best friend’s killer.

Eclipsing all the problems, LOVE is bound and determined to be requited after oh so many years. The inner conflicts and love scenes create some tension-filled reading. Heath and Nicolette allow their love that has quietly abided for fifteen years to rule. With guilt banished, they warm up the snowy, cold of the Christmas season.

Alicia Dean does an amazing job of weaving together great secondary characters, foreshadowing, clues, and back-story while showcasing Heath and Nicolette’s love story in splendid style. With mystery, suspense, a few surprises, and a lot of love—both familial and romantic—A Knight Before Christmas captivates.

Alicia Dean’s writing style makes A Knight Before Christmas smooth, satisfying reading.