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Friday, December 10, 2010

Her Italian Prince by Kate Hofman

Her Italian Prince by Kate Hofman
Publisher: DCL Publications
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (311 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Blue Bonnet

Gianfranco was glad he had accepted the invitation of his friend, Tom Fredericks, the owner of the St.George Art Gallery. The afternoon preview for an exhibition of Adrian Elliott’s paintings was now in full swing. Gianfranco admired the painter, and it was a relief being among people where an Italian princely title didn’t matter. He sighed. It was also a relief having escaped unscathed from his Aunt Flavia’s well-meant, determined attempts to marry him off to a woman she thought suitable. Not in a zillion years would he tie himself to a vain, promiscuous, malicious clothes horse like Luciana Scotto. Strange that his aunt did not seem to realize what Luciana was. Gianfranco shrugged imperceptibly. Flavia had led a sheltered, pampered existence, protected from life’s rougher edges by her beloved Nìccolo. I should tell her that I don’t want her to move from the Palazzo. It would be too much of a wrench for her, and I like my own house far better.

Old world charm meets modern sophistication in a series of plots and devious manipulations, reveling a bond nether Gianfranco di San Benedetto and Suzanne de Beauvior can deny. Their undeniable passion for one another takes them beyond the reality of their circumstances to an awaking of love that’s strong enough to keep them together, but comes with the ultimate price, testing their new found love.

Gianfranco is a prime example of the ultimate male. He oozes sex appeal without trying, and he knows how to please a women. Can be a handful and exhausting at times, but are his ‘talents” enough to achieve his goal?

Suzanne and Gianfranco are both perplexing characters, but with a since of style that plays off each other well. The topic and sometimes off handed dialogue are a bit over the top, but that gives this story substance. Secondary characters bring in needed humor at pivotal points that sets the tone for the plot.

I must admit this is my first book by Kate Hofman. The author gives the reader a glimpse of European society and how aristocrats live, but the story lacks something when it comes to setting the scene. There were so many sights that crossed the characters paths, and there weren’t descriptive passages of these places to pull me into the story, to give essence, some ambience. But as I read more I became to care more about both characters in less concerned with wanting the story to take me to an exotic place. The focus here was not the sights and sounds of the surroundings but of Suzanne and Gianfranco and their relationship towards one another…which for me became the real essence of the story.

"Her Italian Prince" is a fast paced roller coaster of a ride that slows to a calm stream. The overall feelings that I got from this book sneaked up on me in a lovely way. Buy the book, you won't be disappointed.