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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Her Christmas Hero by Linda Warren

Her Christmas Hero by Linda Warren
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (216 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Britt Davis is ready for the fight of her life. Her snake of an ex-husband just filed for custody of their nine-month-old son, and come hell or high water, she will keep her baby. But she wouldn't have a future to give her precious Dillon if it weren't for the stranger who risked his life to save her.

Then her gratitude is shattered when she comes face-to-face once again with her hero…her ex's lawyer?

Quentin Ross knows there's something not right about the important custody case dropped suddenly in his lap. Who would take a baby away from his mother right before Christmas? Now his career is on the line, but so is Britt's love and respect.

What's a hero to do?

The emotional strength of this story, coupled with an intense battle of a mother fighting to keep her child with the help of an enemy made this the best feel good book for this holiday season.

From its dramatic opening chapter with the woman being rescued in the nick of time, to when she found out just who the man really was, Her Christmas Hero astounded me with its well written and vibrant story about a mother’s love and Christmas miracles.

Ms. Warren made me cry for Britt and walk with her through what has to be one of the most heartbreaking and fearful moments of a mother’s life – the loss of her child. I was so happy that Britt’s character had a believable strength and even a sense of humor during the stress and uncertainty of her situation. The use of a pet name for her son was adorable and the author was clever in using that because it showed the love and doting care she lavished on her son. By doing that, it made what her ex-husband was trying to do an abomination and an insult to happy and secure children everywhere.

The quasi-villain is her ex-husband’s lawyer. I say ‘quasi’ because he is being played and is just as much a victim as Britt’s baby, Dillon. Quentin is a man who truly embodied the word ‘hero’. Not because of what he did in the first chapter but what he’s faced with later on. A man has to stand for something or be nothing and I’m very glad to say that Quentin is something. A very handsome, clever and devious something that had me excited on Britt’s behalf. And wary because I wondered at one point if he really was going to take the big step and accept all the ramifications. It’s a pretty impressive dilemma.

The mega-villain is obviously the ex-husband, Phil. Although Britt has a lot of reasons to abhor the ground he walks on, she’s forced to deal with him. Britt has class because she handled herself pretty well even when it hurt. And she hurt a lot. The surprise for me came from what happened at the end. I felt sort of ambivalent as to whether I should feel justified or saddened about the whole thing. I think saddened won out. I want to think that Phil, the ex, could have turned out different if he’d been parented differently. I mean, his father was a mean steamroller of a man with power at his fingertips to make things happen his way. He was scary too.

The best part about this whole book was the birth and gradual growth of the relationship between Quentin and Britt. Even though she has good reason not to trust him, because he showed his true colors early on, she started believing in him. It’s a slow maturation of trust between them and it’s beautiful, sweet and poignant too. So much is against them and yet the strength that they draw from love can move mountains.

Just wait until readers get a load of Britt’s grandmother and uncle. They are the funniest secondary characters and really spiced up the human factor. They are eccentric and adorable and showcase how Britt and Quentin really are perfect together by how they react to the couple of elderly troublemakers. The part of why Uncle Enzo should not have beer had me giggling. And some of Onnie’s exploits were knee-slappers. I’d love to meet her in person. What fun.

Her Christmas Hero is exactly what I look for in a well written romance. It touched my heart, made me laugh and sniffle and I simply could not put the book down until I was done. Ms. Warren has a talent of bringing to life full-bodied characters that a reader would want to hug and actually celebrate the holidays with. I was very pleased with the amazing happily ever after, and I feel very honored to have read this book. It was a great experience and I highly recommend Her Christmas Hero to romance readers everywhere.