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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blood of His Fathers by Michelle Chambers

Blood of His Fathers by Michelle Chambers
Sinners and Saints, Book 1
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (264 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Larkspur

Alexander McCormack has secretly orchestrated Jessica’s life for the past fifteen years. Decisions she’s deemed to have made are an illusion. Even her marriage proves to be nothing more than elaborate manipulation.

Jess is no longer content with a life that brings her little joy and no passion. With divorce comes unexpected danger for her and her young son, and her only recourse for safety lies in the unlikely savior of Alexander’s son, Jason McCormack.

A hidden backdrop of age-long deceit, hatred and murder slowly manifests as Jessica finds herself drawn physically and emotionally closer to the man her every instinct—and cold hard fact—tells her she should avoid at all costs.

Jessica Addison has closed off her heart. She couldn’t love her husband and the last thing she needs is a complication in the form of a man who she can’t trust because of the Blood of His Fathers.

Ms. Chambers had me from the first chapter, no--scratch that--she had me from the first page when she describes her heroine, and from that point on I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough, not just because I wanted to know more about the characters because I did, but also because the author leads her readers down the garden path if you will only to meet up with a wolf at the end of the path.

The author is a wiz at storytelling because this reader was spellbound by her action packed, nail biting, edge of your seat thriller where she constantly complicates her plot by throwing in twist after twist until finally you’re sitting with your head in your hands praying that the characters come out of this, not only in love, but alive. She does this with no-nonsense dialogue that’s aimed toward the more earthy and worldly reader and yet even the most gentile reader wouldn’t be off put by it simply because the narrative is necessary to give that certain impact that this novel needs.

Another plus we readers get is a journey through the UK and the Bahamas where this novel is set.

Her characters are one of a kind, amazing and you her audience will love the good guys and will cringe at the villains because they go beyond bad to evil. Her hero Jason and heroine Jessica are two people who you will constantly wonder, "Will they get that all elusive HEA?", because they truly deserve it. The author sends these two on a journey straight to the bowels of hell and back and takes her readers on the same ride through her words.

The romance is fraught with enough obstacles to be in the Olympics and your heart will race with each attempt at the Happy Ever After that waits so alluringly at the finish line. The love scenes are sensual and sexy and as hot as a firecracker, yet the author stresses the emotional factor so that the sexy interludes between this couple is as necessary to their relationship as air is to their life.

If you love an action filled, roller coaster ride of a novel with memorable and believable characters who are although larger than life could easily sit next to you on the subway, if you are the kind of reader that needs their conspiracy theory expertly woven into your mystery, or if you simply love a well thought out wonderfully written novel that’s also a heart wrenching romance than you need go no farther than Blood of His Fathers. Ms. Chambers, kudos to you and I personally can’t wait for book two of your Sinners and Saints novels.