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Monday, October 25, 2010

Whispers by J.L. McCale

Whispers by J.L. McCale
Publisher: Devine Destinies Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Pages: Full Length (262 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Magnolia

Lillian feels the magic around her. She even sensed when two men came through to the human world. One man believes Lillian’s death is the only way to save the world. The other only wants to love her, even if her life forever changes existence.

Enter a world filled with magic, love, and suspense. This is J.L. McCale's world and it's awesome. From the first line of chapter one, I was engrossed.  I followed hungrily and devoured every word. This is an unbelievable tale that will keep you flipping pages as fast as you can read to devour each page, each chapter.

Lillian "feels magic around her" and you will feel it all around you as you consume this story. This is one of those stories that really has to be read because a review simply does not do the story or the author justice. There is magic in the way J.L. McCale writes that fills the air around you.

You do not fall into this book, but rather are drawn into the story like slipping into a warm bath filled with fragrant oils. It's like being caressed by a lover who is an expert at Kama Sutra. I want to tell you about all the little details but this is truly one of those experiences you will need to have for yourself.

Can anyone truly explain what making love for the first time is like? What giving birth to a child is like? How it feels to ride the Superman Coaster for the first time? They can try but until you do it for yourself you have no way of understanding the depth of the feelings those events evoke. And that is where I am with Whispers.

I rarely read books written at this level of perfection but J.L. McCale is an author you will not want to miss and an author I am sure will become a household name. Don't miss Whispers by J.L. McCale, it's the one you've been waiting for!