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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unbreak my Heart by Melissa Miller

Un-Break My Heart by Melissa Miller
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Length: Short Story (63 pgs)
Genre: Contemporary
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3 books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

After suffering from abuse for several years, Lizzy decides to brave Mark's wrath and leave. She starts a new life in Florida and begins to blossom under the attention of Logan, the manager of her new diner. Will Lizzy get her happy ending? Will she be able to put her past safely behind her? Or will the abusive relationship she endured for so long come back to haunt her?
Miller daringly takes on presenting an abused woman as the main character in Un-Break My Heart. Elizabeth's superficial bruises reveal her situation, with Mark. Elizabeth 'Lizzy' is desperate to get out and to stop kidding herself. She has a plan - which the author sums up for us in only a couple of paragraphs. Lizzy's extrication from a terrible situation is quick and seems surprisingly easy. It's a little unbelievable - and fails to generate much feeling in the reader.

Then Logan Anderson steps into the picture; and at last we find Lizzy experiencing some real emotion. We can sympathize with both the threat of her past and her hopes for the future. We slowly gain a real view of Lizzy - who she was, and how she intends to make a new life for herself. Dialogue is definitely the best part of this part-romance, part thriller. In spite of her past, we, as readers, are ready to cheer when she actually begins to trust Logan. Hope comes through loud and clear in the central part of this story.

It's too easy for us to forget... but the threat was and is real, and you know that there is something unexpected coming. There are a few real goosebump moments in this one! There is also that threat, and the firm reality that bad people do exist...

I liked Miller's approach, and the central part of this story. Some of it was simply told, however. From the main character to the plot itself, we stand a bit too distant from feelings and action. Too much is explained in flat narrative instead of showing us what's happening.  Still, I give it 3 books for very readable.