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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Diamond in a Rose by Rhonda Lee Carver

Diamond in a Rose by Rhonda Lee Carver
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (223 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Book Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Camellia

Rose Donahue wants a peaceful life, but tranquility is the last thing she’ll get when the sexy, powerful Detective Clay Walker crashes into her life—literally. Clay holds secrets to her past and it will throw them into a whirlwind of betrayal and intrigue. Chasing after a murderer and a precious blue diamond worth millions, they find themselves encased in more than just a criminal case. They find danger in the form of passion. Will Clay cross the line from protector to lover? Will Rose deny herself the delicious magnetism that draws her to Clay? Love will shine as brilliantly as a fine cut jewel.

The theft of a million-dollar, blue diamond brings Clay Walker and Rose Donohue together as lawman and suspect. However, an attraction that steams up the pages keeps them together. Their instant desire for each other makes keeping their association professional damnably difficult.

Rose is a survivor who almost bankrupts herself making good on her dead husband’s debts incurred by gambling and business mistakes. Her grieving process is fraught with anger at herself and her husband—at herself for her naïveté, and at him for his deceits. Now, she finds herself almost out of control with wanting Clay Walker, a perfect specimen of a man. Her body craves his ministrations even while her brain knows he considers her a suspect in her husband’s crime.

Clay Walker did the commitment thing once and never plans to do it again. But, even at first sight, Rose makes his libido standup and take notice. As their lives become entangled, he recognizes she is not a one-night-stand woman. His body and brain have some serious reconciling to do since the feisty Rose demands to be a part of his investigation. Some passionate but frustrating love scenes make captivating reading as Clay and Rose try to outsmart two sets of criminals while their libidos are in overdrive.

Ms. Carver creates suspenseful and humorous moments as the plot unfolds: but the love story outshines everything else and keeps one turning pages. At times, I felt I was on the outside looking in on the action when the telling overshadowed the showing. However, the way Clay and Rose bridge the chasm that separates them makes the story compelling.

The secondary characters help move the plot along. They stay in the background and keep the suspense bubbling as the “hypnotically desirable” Rose and Clay Walker with his “powerful magnetism” weave their way through a maze of dangers to find what matters most in their lives—that happy-ever-after together.