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Monday, October 18, 2010

Armed and Armoured by Viola Grace

Armed and Armoured (Sector Guard Book 12) by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (90 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Kahlia has fought a few battles for the survival of innocents on Allishan 9, but her primary concern is her life as a designer. On one of the school trips that her sister badgered her into chaperoning, she meets her destiny, and her doom. Rupture is a member of the Sector Guard and he has his eyes on the woman stepping out of the battle suit. With the holes in the exterior and interior, she was either inside the suit, or a helluva magician. Either way, he is going to bring her back to Udell base, by any means necessary. He sets his personality to charm, but it is the facts that draw her attention...and agreement.

I look forward to each new Sector Guard story from Viola Grace. Each one adds to the overall universe Ms. Grace has created, expanding the boundaries with wit and romance. This one is no exception. Every time I believe she has run out of new species to introduce, she surprises me once again, and yet each is distinctive and unique.

Kahlia Morning is famous for her designs, and heads up her own company. But it isn’t her designs that draw Sector Guard’s attention, it is her talent. Guardian has discovered that she is a match for one of the Sector Guard warriors from Battle Base Udell, and sends him to recruit Kahlia to the corps. Can Kahlia overcome the problems inherent to her talent, and become all she can be in Sector Guard? Can she accept Rupture as her mate and all that it entails? Just what will her role be with Sector Guard?

Kahlia is a very interesting character. She is strong, and generous, and will go all out to help those who need it. Her talent is a two edged sword. She can animate objects at will, but it takes a toll on her. I liked that she was willing to join Sector Guard in hopes that she could help, and that she also hoped that they could help her figure out how to better control her talent.

Fenn Althos a.k.a Sector Guard Rupture is a very handsome being. He is strong, blond and handsome, and of the Admaryn race. I love his sense of humor, his loyalty to the Guard and his dedication to duty. I love his delight at finding his mate in Kahlia, and the way he supports her decisions. He uses his talent to support and compliment hers, and they work very well together.

I enjoy every visit in this universe, and enjoyed catching up with some of the characters from previous Sector Guard stories. It is fun to see how the couples have grown, and how they are starting families of their own. I hope to see more of Phase and Rupture in future stories of the Udell Battle Base, and more Sector Guard, soon.