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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amor Immorati Book One: Immortally Yours by J. Morgan

Amor Immorati Book One: Immortally Yours by J. Morgan
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (196 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Chase Michaels thought being cursed to live forever was a pain in the butt, until he finds himself on the trail of a runaway bride. When the lovely Mrs. Belle Gardner puts three shots right into his chest, he discovers pain in the butt doesn't even begin to cover the trouble he's let himself in for.

Learning that his client lied to him and that his trace is really the client's stepdaughter, Chase's rusty conscience gets the better of him. He agrees to protect her, only to find himself sinking into a deeper mystery that somehow connects Belle to his curse. Thrown headlong into a dark world where fairytales walk the earth, he must fight to keep them both alive. As a war of apocalyptic proportions breaks out around them, Chase struggles to discover if he can stand being immortal if it means losing the one thing he's never had -- love.

I will be honest and say that I originally chose this book because I like J. Morgan’s writing, and I was looking forward to another humorous and entertaining reading experience. What I got was so much more than that. This is a fast paced thrill ride, edge of your seat action and adventure. There is some tongue in cheek humor, but this is a very romantic story of redemption and salvation.

Chase Michaels is co-owner of Darkside investigations. Cursed because of his bloodlust, he has been unable to die for over two thousand years. He is a strong character, and has learned to live with the spirits of those he killed speaking in his mind. Tall and handsome, Chase has a dry and sardonic wit, and a fatalistic view of life in general, and his life in particular. He is quick-witted, and fiercely loyal to those he trusts. He would die for his friends, if he could, and he lives life to the fullest. It doesn’t hurt that he is hot and sexy.

Belle is determined to stop her stepfather from whatever he is plotting. She is heir to her mother’s summer court, and she needs to stop him from taking her place. She is strong-willed, and beautiful, and smart enough to know she can’t do it all alone. I loved that she was able to accept Chase’s “resurrection” after she thought she killed him without panicking, and they were able to work together to try and stop John Gardner. Belle is strength and beauty, and she refuses to let things go wrong.

The attraction between these two grows slowly but surely, and there were several scenes that brought tears to my eyes. The secondary characters were wonderful, especially Chase’s partner Caern and his friend Raiz. Neither one is what they seem, and both are willing to step in to help, no matter the cost. They face off against the evil villains in spite of overwhelming odds, and know they could die, but fight anyway.

J. Morgan has written a beautiful love story, inside of an adventure filled with peril and action. There are twists and turns, and things are never what they seem to be. But the story reached me on many different levels, and through it all was the one constant: the strength of the attraction between Belle and Chase. I want to see more of this from Mr. Morgan, because this is a world worth visiting again.