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Monday, August 3, 2009

Noble Blood by Linda J. Parisi

Noble Blood by Linda J. Parisi
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Heat Level: Spicy
Length: Full (322 pages)
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewer by Bittersweet

The Nobility:
A race created by the effects of a meteorite. A dying race. A race without a True Noble birth in over a decade.

The Water of Change:
Water changed by the meteorite, able to turn a human into a Noble, an ability certain to cause death. Forbidden to be used by the Nobility’s most sacred law.

A Law Broken:
Tamara Duncan has just been made into a True Noble and left with no memory of her former self. Nicholai Valentin accuses her of trying to kill his brother and destroy his House by using the Water. Is she part of a plot, or simply a pawn in something bigger than either of them can imagine?

A Quest for Truth:
Together, Nicholai and Tamara journey a dangerous path to seek the truth. Along the way they will be tested, and as they seek the truth, they find strength in each other; a strength that will lead to love and more than they ever bargained for.

Warning: Do not begin to read this book if you intend to wake up early the next day or if you intend to do any chores during an afternoon. I committed the great error of beginning to read Noble Blood late one night. The result was not going to bed until 5am. It was worth it. And so was the reread the next afternoon. (I just couldn’t stop thinking about the novel).

Noble Blood tells the story of Tara, a young woman who suddenly finds herself converted into a different race, that of the Nobility. Nicholai is appointed to her care. He is a prince of the nobility and he must find out who she is and why it seems she wants to destroy his family. Together, they will search for the truth above all.

Miss Parisi unfolds a story with an incredibly well thought out plot that keeps you eagerly turning the pages to see what will happen next. The twists and turns, the little spots of humor, the quips between the characters, the well-written descriptions, the humanity (or none of it) of the characters, the evil shadow that lurks over them, the mentioning of Lord of The Rings …it all runs as smoothly and naturally as the great love that inevitably also sparks to life.

Noble blood is a definite must read and reread!