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Monday, August 3, 2009

Drawing Blood by Mary Lou George

Drawing Blood by Mary Lou George
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense
Length: Full (255 Pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Review by: Poinsettia

Successful children's book illustrator Holly Seaton is no stranger to the paranormal. With her artist's hand, she creates magical beings of myth and fantasy. Little does she know some of these creatures actually exist and she just met one in the supermarket.

Stryker Cain is a vampire on a crucial mission to save his people from extinction. For years he's been settling small enclaves of vampires amidst human communities all over the world. Stryker has deadly enemies, people who will stop at nothing to destroy his dream. He doesn't have time to deal with the complex feelings Holly engenders within him, but some things can't be pushed aside. She's his bloodmate. The one person a vampire cannot deny.

When innocent people close to him are murdered, Stryker is forced to pull Holly into his world in order to keep her safe. But is Holly the one who will need saving?

Holly thought life would be quieter in the small town of Muskoka, but the moment Stryker Cain walked into her life, everything changed.

Holly Seaton had always felt out of place in her family. Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her, and she’s always felt that she was a disappointment to her father, Alan Seaton the powerful businessman, because she didn’t follow in his footsteps like her older siblings, Matthew and Alison. Much to her father’s dismay, Holly is an artist like her mother once was.

Holly’s entire family treats her as if she were made of glass. Naturally, they are horrified when Holly leaves the city of Toronto to move to the small town of Muskoka to illustrate her best friend, Avery’s, series of children’s books. However, Holly relishes her new found independence, but just as she’s beginning to really settle into life in Muskoka, in walks Stryker Cain.

Holly is certainly a very likable heroine. Her decision to move away from the suffocating influence of her father is admirable and took courage. Still, her father insists on sending Holly precooked meals. Holly allows this because she doesn’t want to hurt her family’s feelings, but this is also a sign that Holly still seeks their approval. However, as the story progresses, Holly learns to stand up to her father and demand the respect that she deserves. I enjoyed watching her transition from a doormat to a self confident young woman.

Stryker is the classic mysterious hero. Even though there is a sense of danger about him, he’s also a perfect gentleman, which Holly finds irresistible. Stryker’s attraction to Holly is immediate and strong. He knows they belong together, but he holds back because he’s afraid of how she’ll react when she learns he’s a vampire. If Holly and he are going to be together, he’s going to have to learn to trust that she can handle the truth.

Drawing Blood is loaded with suspense and all things paranormal. Even though I soon suspected who the mastermind behind the plot to destroy the vampires was, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Holly discover more about herself, her family, and of course her romance with Stryker. Any fan of paranormal romance should definitely pick up a copy of Drawing Blood today.